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Newsletter August #1 2015

Can You have Both Security & Privacy in the Internet Age?

Opinion By Anja Kaspersen:   Head of Geopolitics & International Security at the World Economic Forum.  read more


Stagefright: New Android Vulnerability Is 'heartbleed for mobile'

An attacker can take over the vast majority of Android phones with just a text message.  read more


In The War of 2050, The Robots Call The Shots

The future of war belongs to the 'bots. Probably led by some enhanced humans.  read more


Don't Make These IT Mistakes in Your Organisation

Where dysfunctional rhythms and routines are the law of the land.  read more


Darkcode Hacking Forum Forced Offline

A notorious hacking forum used by Lizard Squad & other cybercriminals has been shut down after a police investigation in 20 different countries.  read more


For Ransom, Bitcoin Replaces the Bag of Used Notes

Criminals like the virtual currency because it can be held in a digital wallet & is not registered with any government or financial authority.  read more


Giant OPM Data Hack Did  Blow U.S. Spies' Cover

More than one million fingerprints were stolen in the U.S Federal Personnel data Hack.  read more


Hawking Doesn't Have to Fear Killer Robots

Autonomous weapons could shape a better world, one in which the fog of war thins, if ever so slightly.  read more


Machine 2 Machine: Where Will That Leave Us?

When machines communicate directly without a human intermediary – will they  prefer their own company?  read more


Data Breaches Boost Funding for Cybersecurity Startups

In the 2015 first half, venture firms invested $1.2 billion in cybersecurity startups.  read more


Identity Access Management: Lessons From JPMorgan's Insider Breaches

Another JPMorgan employee is arrested on charges of stealing customer data & trying to sell it for $thousands.  read more


Google Gives Customers Control of Encryption Keys

Google launches "bring your own encryption" keys for use on its Cloud Platform.  read more


SurfWatch Labs Rolls Out Dark Web Intelligence Service

SurfWatch collects sensitive cyber intelligence from the underground on threats relevant to a specific customer.  read more

3D Xpoint Memory: Faster-than-flash Storage

3D Xpoint is a type of "persistent memory" - meaning it retains data stored on it when the power is switched off, unlike RAM.  read more

Disclosure: Internet companies Face UK Tax Crackdown

Internet companies may have to disclose information on people & businesses that sell goods and services online.  read more

UK MPs are No longer Exempt from Surveillance

James Eadie QC tells Investigatory Powers Tribunal the Wilson doctrine is unworkable in the  era of bulk interception.  read more

How Analytics Will Influence Connected Cars

Connected services like in-car Wi-Fi are driving the adoption of cloud-based vehicle platforms enabled by embedded 4G broadband.  read more