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Newsletter August #2 2015

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Could Cyberwar Knock Us Back to the Stone Age?

If there were a major cyberwar, just how bad would it be?  read more  The threat of Cybewar is certainly good for business. read more  and can't the threat be avoided anyway?  read more


90% of Android Devices Are DoS Vulnerable

A second even bigger denial-of-service (DoS) vulnerability is threatening the majority of Android devices now in use.  read more


The Smart Home and the Data Underclass

Internet of Things: Could insurance companies start to use our own IoT data against us?  read more


Interpol is Training Police Forces to Fight DarkNet Crime

Interopol run an intensive course on Tor hidden services, illegal marketplaces & crypto currencies to investigate crimes on the DarkNet.  read more


Inside the FBI Cyber Division

The biggest threats the FBI's new agents will face are not the ones they will confront on the streets, but the ones online.  read more


MH370 May Have Been Deliberately Taken Off Course

US intelligence report suggests the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may have been deliberately flown off course.  read more


ECHELON Has Been Watching You All Your Life

Leaked Snowden files finally confirm the existence of the ECHELON intercept project  read more  40 years later PRISM and XKeyscore are it's current manifestations.  read more


Cyber Extortion: A Growth Industry

The prevailing wisdom in law enforcement has been that it is a bad idea to negotiate with extortionists. Is it?  read more


Medical Devices are Vulnerable to Hackers

Cars. Planes. Phones. Now vulnerabilities are identified in the infusion devices that hospitals use to administer intravenous drugs.  read more


Will Robots Eliminate Many Humans From the Workplace?

The fear of millions of jobs being automated out of existence by robots is real. Here's how it will change the world - for the better.  read more


The UK Government is Offering £5,000 Cyber Security Vouchers to SMEs

A campaign to improve security understanding and cyber-strategy with a financial incentive for SMEs adopting the right controls & solutions.  read more

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