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Newsletter August #3 2015

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Russia, China & U.S. Engage in Cyber War

The cyber warfare between the U.S., Russia and China is part of an overall epoch-defining conflict between three nations.  read more  As the dynamics of warfare are changing along with the threat landscape, how do nations fight a cyber-battle?  read more


The NSA Playset: 5 Better Tools To Defend Systems

Cutting edge security tools made accessible & easier to use, tapping into the open source software community.  read more


Switzerland & Austria Investigate Claims of Electronic Spying at Iran Talks

A computer virus was used to spy on the recent high-level Iran nuclear talks. Who would do that?  read more


Predictive Policing Technology Arrests

An intelligence led computer programme that uses an algorithm to pin-point and send officers to zones where crime is most likely to occur.  read more


France & the UK on the Edge of Kafkaesque Surveillance

Are the surveillance  tools that France and Britain are using too blunt and intrusive for modern democracies?  read more


Artificial Intelligence Decodes ISIS

Artificial intelligence is being used to gain insights into the tactics of Islamic State.  read more


No. Petition to Pardon Snowden Rejected by Obama

The U.S.President and a majority of lawmakers  maintain that Snowden must be prosecuted for violating the law.  read more


HTC: Rendered Worthless By Insecurity

Competition from above and below, combined with a shocking security lapse, knock HTC for six.  read more


Darwinian Robotic Evolution

It's Possible: Artificial evolution of physical systems to create self-learning, self- improving robots.  read more


Twitter Says U.S Government  Want More User  Account Information

Twitter reveals that requests for account information from governments has jumped 52%,  mostly to do with criminal investigations.  read more


Hacking Critical Infrastructure: How-To Guide

Cyber-aided physical attacks on critical infrastructure are a growing concern. How to pull them off and how to defend against them.  read more


US Internet Giants Join to Curb Child Sex Abuse

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo are doing  the right thing.  read more

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