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Newsletter July #1 2015

NSA Chief: Don't Assume China Hacked OPM

The cybersecurity group FireEye says it's "highly confident" that Chinese hackers did it but Admiral Rogers is not so sure.  read more. Why is attributing blame so hard?  read more


5 Facts that Explain Cyber Warfare

The biggest threat to national security these days comes from a computer with a simple Internet connection.  read more  And what Israel is doing about it.  read more


Data Security and Loss of Control Killing Cloud?

Opinion By Frank Jennings Cloud & Commercial Lawyer at Wallace LLP.  read more


FBI Alert:  CryptoWall Ransomware Damage Exceeds $18 Million

The most used vector are phishing emails that have a zipped attachment that claims to be a resume.  read more


NSA Has Reverse-Engineered Consumer Anti-Virus Software To Track Users

The NSA and GCHQ have put extensive effort into hacking popular security software products to "track users and infiltrate networks."  read more


Next World War - First, Cyberwar. Second, Shooting War

The more technologically powerful a nation is, the more technologically dependent that nation becomes. Cyberwar can level the playing field.  read more  What does a Cyber Arsenal look like, anyway?  read more


How to Hire and Retain the Best IT Talent

How can a company without unlimited resources appeal to and maintain the workforce they need?  read more


The Dangers of Internet-of-Things in Healthcare

Medical device connectivity to consumer technology raises alarming questions about privacy violation & intentional disruption.  read more


Data to Analyse Human Interaction with the Environment

Researchers are looking to the Internet of Things  for new ways to analyze the relationship between humans & their environments.  read more


The Cybersecurity Company Helping Sony Fend Off Hackers

Bad news for everyone else is excellent news for those in the business of fighting cyber villains.  read more


China Security Bill Calls for 'Cyber Sovereignty'

The bill calls for "cultural security" & improving socialist education to prevent the "infiltration of unhealthy culture."  read more


Hackers target Polish airline carrier LOT

An "IT attack" meant the airline was unable to create flight plans and flights were not able to depart from Warsaw.  read more


Who's Afraid Of Superhumanity?

What's to stop a  small group of people, enhanced genetically & beyond the average human, from winning at the game of life?  read more

GCHQ's Surveillance of Rights Groups is Illegal

Although the interception was lawful, GCHQ retained emails for longer than it should have & violated its own internal procedures.  read more

Cambridge to Open Cyber Security Research Centre

The Cambridge Cloud Cybercrime Centre will focus on enhancing our understanding of cyber crime, security tools & techniques.  read more

Google Enters Fray For Tesco Loyalty Unit

Tesco's customer loyalty arm is for sale and Google are interested in buying. For $2 billion.  read more

Seasoned Cybersecurity Professionals: 3 - 5 months Contracts in the US - Boston, Denver, KC, Washington DC

Must have a Security Clearance or be capable of obtaining one.  read more