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Newsletter July #2 2015

Keep Calm and Spy On: Why the OPM Hack Won't Bring Down US Intelligence 

The Wilderness of Mirrors: Nothing happened, nothing  to see here, move along please ...  read more


Biter Bitten: The Hacking Team Hit by Breach

One of the most elusive spyware and malware suppliers to government agencies has been hit by hackers.  read more


China Tightens Grip over the Internet

US trade groups are worried that China's security policies could stifle their business.  read more  and the Chinese IT market is getting more challenging for western businesses.  read more


Some Notes about Wassenaar

Wassenaar is an international arms control treaty which has recently added cyberweapons, with painful consequences for IT research.  read more


Offensive Cyber Security Changes the Industry

Opinion byMatthew Rosenquist.  read more


Legality of Target Acquisition: The U.S. Needs a Drone Board

Judge With a Finger on the Trigger? Target acquisition In the lethal drone program is about to become the subject of legal due process.  read more


The Changing Face of Cyber Risk for Law Firms

Law firms are a target of choice for cyber criminals due to their frequent & sizeable money  transfers.  read more


UK Cybercrime Surges 27% in 2015

The 'Not With My Name' campaign will be highlighting advice focused on helping people protect their personal information.  read more


Tough Rules Force Kenyan Net Users to List their Gadgets

Kenyans using public  Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet will be required to register their mobile devices.  read more


Online Anonymity Box Distances Your IP Address

In the game of anonymity-versus-surveillance online, the discovery of the user's IP address usually means game over.  read more


Merkel Bugged While Pondering Greece Crisis

Wikileaks release evidence that Chancellor Merkel's telephone calls are still being tapped.  read more


NSA: 'Backdoors are a Bad Idea - Give us a Front Door Key'

The idea seems to be that only when all the agencies holding portions of a key decide to use it together will decryption become possible.  read more


U.S. Government Support Insurers Protection from Cyber Hacks

The U.S government has the backs of insurers & their clients as they adapt to the fast-evolving threat of cyber attacks,  read more


Cyber Command: A War That Started Long Ago

Israel's decision to  establish a cyber command is  symbolic. The IDF has been active in cyber wars for years.  read more

Google's Robot Intelligence Help Desk

Google's system learns to model language & conversation based on examples in public documentation.  read more

The Future Of Algorithmic Personalisation

The content we encounter online seems to repeat the same things again and again. Is there something wrong with personalisation?  read more

Trade Groups Protest US Block on Digital Imports

Internet Restrictions: US International Trade Commission can block digital goods, in additional to physical ones, from being imported.  read more

Why Police Agencies Can't Communicate in a Crisis

Incompatible communications systems, databases and priorities in the U.S and too little technical know-how in the U.K.  read more