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Newsletter July #3 2015

British Prime Minister Wants To Ban Encryption

The UK government is on a collision course with Apple, Facebook & all of social media  read more.  Whilst the FBI don't care so long as they have a backdoor.  read more


Espionage Lessons from the OPM Hack

Shockwaves from the theft of 21m confidential records of US Govt. employees continue. Three lessons are emerging that might give us hope for a secure future.  read more


UK Police 'Skim the Surface' of Cybercrime

Britain's top cop says the UK Police are falling well short  in their efforts to tackle cybercrime.  read more


Unlocking the Potential of the Internet of Things

McKinsey think that the IoT has a total potential economic impact of $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion a year by 2025.  read more


Security Warning To Airlines of New Cyber Attacks

Huge risks and challenges facing the airlines.  read more


Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century

Automated solutions, whether hardware or software, are getting cheaper, faster & more versatile at an ever-increasing rate.  read more


Laptop Warriors: A British 'Cyber Defence League'?

Opinion by Jamie Collier  read more


Terrorists' Social Media Output Under Scrutiny

UN panel asks social-media companies to respond on how terrorist groups use their networks to spread propaganda.  read more


WikiLeaks and the NSA's Hobby of Spying On Allies

U.S. economic espionage extends to the key European institutions and issues such as the EU Central Bank & the Greek crisis.  read more


Active Cyber Defense

Most of today's static & reactive security defense mechanisms are ineffective against sophisticated attackers.  read more


The Third Industrial Revolution

A third industrial revolution is under way & like all revolutions, this one will be disruptive.  read more


Use Threat Intelligence to Boost Mobile Security

Security professionals recommend companies integrate threat intelligence about cyber security with mobile device management platforms.  read more


Kudeslski Group Are Looking For a Global Thought Leader in Cybersecurity

VP of Marketing to drive, develop and evolve Kudelski Security Marketing strategy via strategic planning. read more