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Newsletter July #4 2015

The Top Five Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

After the OPM hack InfoSec Institute identifies five key areas of vulnerability to protect against catastrophic damage.  read more


Four Signs a Board Thinks Security is Better than it Is

Ponemon Institute: There is a gap in perception between boards of directors and IT executives.  read more


NATO Missile System Hacked Remotely by 'foreign source'

A German Army Patriot missile system was allegedly hacked by a remote source.  read more


New Case Highlights Deep Hole in Cyber Insurance

Mistake Exclusion means a failure to maintain adequate data security can turn out to be very costly.  read more


IATA Admit Airlines are on the Defence Amid Cyber Warfare 

Greater levels of automation mean the aviation industry is more vulnerable to cyber threats.  read more


IS Use Encrypted Apps

The FBI cannot access the encrypted platforms being used by Islamic State to recruit lone-wolf terrorists.  read more  While EUROPOL are aiming to take on IS propaganda.  read more


Has a  Focus on Terror Distorted the Debate on Encryption?

The Hacking Team scandal and a successful challenge to UK Surveillance laws coincide. Opinion by Alex Krasodomski  read more


Adobe Tackles New Flash Threat After Hacking Team Leak

Vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash only came to light following Hacking Team data dump.  read more


The Most Damaging Ramifications of DDoS Attacks

Loss of customer trust & confidence are the most damaging consequences of attacks.  read more


New Dutch Law Would Allow Bulk Surveillance

Proposed legislation for mandatory compliance with bulk data collection will include domestic interception.  read more


Bitcoins Berlin Launch for Cashless Greeks

Greek bank customers are limited to a 60 Euros daily cash withdrawal. Maybe Bitcoin will come in useful.  read more


Assange says NSA Intercept 98% of South American Coms

A growing list of American allies, in addition  to France & Germany, are being spied on by the NSA.  read more


Leveraging Drones to Improve Nuclear Facility Security & Safety

Drones currently represent equal parts threat and opportunity for nuclear facilities. Opinion by Caroline Baylon.  read more


Cybersecurity Futures: Humans & Machines Work Symbiotically

Thanks to the IoT there will be more than 40 billion connected devices in use within five years. read more

IBM Unveils Most Powerful Chip Ever Created

Moore's Law in Action: Smaller, Faster, Cooler, More Powerful.  read more

RBS Under Pressure over New IT Failure

Fintech problems throw doubt on the capability of the major banks' ageing technology systems.  read more 

Cyberwarfare is Common in Russia

Hacker Hell: It's a virtual civil war ...  read more

Combating the Insider Cyber Threat

Insider Threat Report uncovers the hard facts on insider threats.  read more