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Newsletter June #1 2015

UK Rewrites Hacking Laws to Give GCHQ Immunity

Changes to the Computer Misuse Act were secretly introduced over a year ago.  read more


Cyber Crime on a Global Scale

Cyber crime is ubiquitous, from intercepting your car's bluetooth, to using apps and the Internet to steal private financial details from millions of citizens.  read more


EU's 'point of no return' if Internet Firms Not Regulated

Amazon, Etsy and are all named in a leaked document as having 'undue power' over their markets.  read more


Snowden Sees Victory – But it's From a Distance

For an international fugitive hiding out in Russia from American espionage charges, Edward J. Snowden gets around.  read more


German BND Intelligence Cooperation with NSA has Actually Expanded

German and US intelligence agencies are cooperating on a scale and in ways that are only now becoming apparent.  read more


Machine Learning for Cybersecurity

Traditional security systems are passive and a small code change by attackers can lead to even the most secure networks being breached.  learn more


US Cyber Security Insurance Developments

US insurance regulators have increased their scrutiny of cyber security measures taken by  insurance companies.  read more


Silicon Valley is a Major Player in Cyberwarfare

US Department of Defense will provide venture capital funding to startups that can help the Pentagon develop more advanced cybersecurity.  read more


Top Security Tools to Fight Against Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a massive global threat and US businesses are the No.1 target.Top security professionals name their most valuable security tool.  read more


Cyber Vulnerability - Get Your Report for 2015

The growing tide of cyber attacks has begun to spawn a new awareness of current cyber risks to business.  read more


Cybersecurity: Don't Bank On It With 3rd Parties

Not knowing that a contractor's employee had access to system passwords is not a valid excuse when your client's records are stolen.  read more


Pentagon Might Share US Data with Foreign Militaries

Proposed US Cyber Information Sharing Act will permit sharing cyber threat data beyond the United States.  read more


FBI Director Says ISIS Could Cyberattack the US

ISIS is "waking up" to the idea of using sophisticated malware to cyberattack critical infrastructure in the US.  read more