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Newsletter June #2 2015

NSA Powers Expire as US Rolls Back Surveillance

The US Senate has not extended the expiring surveillance provisions of the Patriot Act, leaving the U.S. intelligence community without vital tools. For more


Did the U.S. Need Snowden to Open the Door on NSA's Spying?

Snowden shouldn't have been necessary.  read more   And he has questions to answer. read more


Hacker's Into Commercial Airline Systems

There are potential vulnerabilities in the US's pending shift to satellite-based air traffic control from current ground-based systems.  read more


"Torus" Reveals an Expansion in 5 Eyes Surveillance.

A great eavesdropping expansion has been taking place in plain sight.  read more


Review of Organised Cyber Crime

Comparison of Criminal Groups in Cyberspace.  read more


Finland Could Reshape Cyber Law

The world needs a fluid and frank dialogue among states, the private sector & civil society to guarantee the security of cyberspace.  read more


Keeping Passwords Safe From Cracking

Researchers have come up with an effective & easy-to-implement solution for protecting passwords from attackers.  read more


Hackers Build New Tor Client Designed to Beat the NSA

A new Tor client called Astoria designed specifically to make eavesdropping harder for the world's richest, most aggressive & most capable spies.  read more


ISIS in the DeepWeb Amidst Bitcoin and Darknets

ISIS are continuing to explore the Deep Web.  read more


Malware Remodeled

Malware is getting through enterprise defenses as attackers code new strains and re-clothe old ones.  read more


Big Data & The Security Skills Shortage

Finding a security analyst with the data discovery experience to combat modern threats is like searching for the mythical unicorn.  read more


Obama Authorizes Sanctions Against Hackers

The US goes after overseas attackers when foreign governments won't.  read more


US DoD Signals Silicon Valley's Importance in CyberWar

The US security apparatus is growing increasingly dependent on Silicon Valley.  read more


Why Use Bitcoin?

Here are 10 good reasons why it's worth taking the time to get involved in this virtual currency.  read more


Will Open Source Save the Internet of Things?

Cloud apps that collect and analyze data are heavily dependent on open source software & standards.  read more


Iran Suffering a Techno Gap in Cyber Defense

The commander of Iran's Passive Defense Organization thinks the country suffers a technological gap in cyber defense.  read more


North Korean Hackers 'could kill', Warns Defector

North Korean hackers are capable of attacks that could destroy critical infrastructure and kill people.  read more