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Newsletter June #2 2015

NSA Surveillance Reform - Snowden's Vindication.

The US Senate has voted to end bulk collection of millions of Americans' phone records two years after Edward Snowden's  first revelations.  read more


Mass surveillance is Being Undermined by the 'Snowden Effect'

Opinion by Alex Krasodomski.  read more


Unplugged: What the End of Metadata Collection Means for Intelligence

How useful is Metadata to the intelligence community and what will they do if it goes away?  read more


Rethinking Cybersecurity in the Age of the Hacker

If even the best-resourced companies are losing the cyber-security battle, what hope is there for the rest of us?  read more


Bigger than Heartbleed - 'Venom' Threatens Datacenters

Before Heartbleed: Worst vulnerabilities ever?  read more


Gartner Predicts Three Big Trends for Business Intelligence

Gartner has identified three trends describing information's ability to transform business processes over the next few years.  read more


Fixing Security Holes in the Consumer Debt Market

Consumers are losing confidence in the integrity of the debt collection process & lack of transparency provides cover to bad actors.  read more


FBI, Europol and NCA Want Global Approach to Fighting Cyber-Crime

Law enforcement experts discuss cyber-crime policing during the 'Know your adversary: Who is the cyber-criminal?' keynote at InfoSec Europe.  read more


Pentagon To Relaunch $475 Million Cyber Effort

After cancelling its search for bids on a five-year outsourcing contract, US Cyber Command say a retooled version will be out by October.  read more


Data Stolen in Hack Attack on German Parliament

Hackers gained access to the Bundestag's internal server, launching an unprecedented attack using Trojan viruses.  read more


Nasdaq Bets on Bitcoin's Future

The US stock exchange Nasdaq is experimenting with incorporating the underlying technology of the bitcoin cryptocurrency into its pre-IPO trading arm.  read more


UK Secret Report Urges US Data Sharing

Top secret report to the UK Prime Minister recommends a new international treaty to enforce cooperation of the US Internet giants.  read more


Berners-Lee Urges UK to Fight 'snooper's charter'

Just Say No: Inventor of world-wide-web opposes UK  government's plans to extend surveillance powers.  read more


Russia's Greatest Weapon May Be Its Hackers

In hacker jargon, it's called a "cyber-to-physical effect." It's when a hacker reaches out from the virtual world into the real one, often with catastrophic consequences.  read more. They also faked satellite images  of MH17.  read more


How to Stalk Someone's Location on Facebook

A new tool lets you easily track  movements of other Facebook users by scooping up location data shared in Facebook Messenger chats.  read more


Stegosploit Hidden Image Code is the Future of Online Attacks

Attackers can embed executable JavaScript code within an image to trigger a 'drive-by download'.  read more


US Stuxnet Attack Against N. Korea Failed

Fail: Stuxnet virus used to attack North Korea's nuclear weapons program five years ago.  read more


Insurance: Cyber Vulnerability Report 2015

There's a real requirement from both the client & the insurers viewpoint to understand internal security and the different types of insurance cover available.  read more