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Newsletter June #5 2015

What's in the New UK Surveillance Bill?

The government intend wholesale reform but will it perpetuate invasion of privacy or put an end mass surveillance?  read more


Hackers Invade Hospital Networks

Hackers penetrate secure hospital networks, collecting valuable information, by targeting medical devices.  read more


Cybersecurity in the Boardroom

Two-thirds of directors are less than confident about their company's cybersecurity and (surprise) the biggest risks to security are human errors.  read more


Top 6 Hacking Tools Security Teams Should Know About

Black Hat or White Hat: Here are the top 6 hacking tools that every security professional ought to know about.  read more


Got Good Cyber Insurance Cover? Beware of Holes in Your Policy.

Just because you have "cyber insurance" doesn't mean your insurer will pay a cyber-related claim.  read more


FBI Unable to Monitor ISIS's Encrypted Communications

The FBI has warned US lawmakers there is no way to monitor encrypted online communications.  read more


A Quick Tour of the Web Black Market

The most important requirement for both buyers and sellers is the anonymity of transactions using untraceable networks and a virtual currency.  read more


Cyber attack on German Parliament Still Active

A cyber attack on the Bundestag is still stealing data & could force it to spend millions of euros replacing the entire IT system.  read more


The Ever-evolving Cyber Threat to Planes

Professional hackers claim airline computer systems are riddled with weaknesses that allow a breach via the in-flight entertainment system.  read more


Financial Services Firms Stare into the Abyss as Data Breaches Rocket

The UK Information Commissioner's Office reports 791 breaches in this sector between 2012 and 2014, including 585 in 2014 alone.  read more


Cyber Vulnerability Report 2015

The Insurance industry & their customers need a better understanding of internal security and the different types of insurance available.  read more


PwC says UK Security Breaches Often Not Reported

The majority of UK organisations suffering a security or data breach will never report it.  read more


OPM Hack: Paying for Non-Secrets

Information contained in the hacked OPM files needs to be treated like state secrets: Opinion by Ronald Marks.  read more


UK MOD to Build Open Source Analytics Platform

The MOD wants a new open source analytics platform to help understand its data.  read more


Digital Currencies: A Gold Standard for Bitcoin

Bitcoin-like currencies backed by the yellow metal show promise for crisis-scarred libertarians.  read more