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Newsletter May#3 2015

NSA's Domestic Spying Revealed by Snowden is Ruled Illegal
A landmark US federal court decision clears the way for a full legal challenge against the NSA.  Does this mean Snowden is Innocent?  read more 


Cyber Vulnerability 2015 - Get Your ReportThe growing tide of cyber attacks has begun to spawn a new awareness of current cyber risks to business.  read more 

Germany's BND Intelligence Agency Has Been Spying for the NSA. An outraged Bundestag NSA Investigation Committee has demanded lists of search terms the BND used to spy for Washington.  read more

IBM breakthrough in Quantum ComputingIBM scientists have announced two primary advances towards the quantum computer's practical realization  read more

Impact of New EU Data Legislation Not Widely UnderstoodA third of public & private sector professionals are unaware of forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation.  read more 

UK Police Ill-Equipped to Deal with CybercrimePolice are playing catch-up with cybercrime, and are struggling with poor reporting, a lack of data and the InfoSec skills shortage.  read more

Data Protection Drives Cloud Security MarketThe cloud security services market grew 14% in 2014 to $7.2 billion worldwide.  read more 

UK's Internet Bandwidth Could Soon Be ChokedCurrent optical cable and switches will reach their capacity for data throughput by 2020.  read more 

Hacking Aviation TechnologyThere's a growing recognition that cyber-attacks can have real-world consequences.  read more 


Kaspersky Denies KGB ConnectionsDo Kaspersky Lab have ties to Russia's Federal Security Service ?  read more


The US Air Force Wants You to Build a Drone Engine"A successful 100-horsepower turbo shaft engine that operates on Jet A fuel and generate 2.0 horsepower per pound."  read more

Cyber War and PeaceOpinion by Javier Solana, former General Secretary NATO.  read more

There is No Secure Inside – So Get the Most from your FirewallWhat about all of that data you shipped off to the cloud? Is it inside?  read more

Will the Internet of Things Save us from Traffic Jams?Experts have given the green light to a traffic light revolution.  read more