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Newsletter May#4 2015

Hiring A Hacker – So, how much do they charge?

The perception of the role of hackers is completely changed as they are increasingly sought by private companies &  intelligence agencies.  read more


Predictions for Cybercrime in 2015 and how the Security Industry is Responding

Last year was littered with high-profile cyber threats and security breaches. In 2015, the frequency and severity of cyber-attacks will  increase.  read more


Russia & China Grow Closer With New Cyber Agreement

Russia and China have vowed not to launch cyber attacks against each other, leaving more time to attack other targets.  read more


Russian Cyber Attack Threat to Global Banking System

A backdoor program that is delivered to victims through spear-phishing emails or drive-by downloads.  read more


Fast Growing Companies Use CIOs Technology Strategy

Over performing companies tend to lean more heavily on CIOs during the long-term planning process.  read more


Want to be a Hacker?  GCHQ wants you!

Are you "committed and responsible" with the "potential to carry out computer networks operations to keep the UK safe."?  read more 


Pro-ISIS Hackers Threaten the US & EU

"We are the hackers of the Islamic State. The electronic war has not yet begun,"  read more


Iran Ministry Of Defense Hacked By Saudi Hacker

Saudi RxR HaCker hacked & defaced the official website of Iranian Ministry of Defense.  read more 


Countering Cyber Criminals with Biometrics

Biometrics, Smartphones, fingerprint readers; the financial services sector is beginning to to invest in new security measures.  read more


Police Scotland Invests £1.5 million in Cybercrime Hub

A specialist investigation centre in Edinburgh to carry out forensic digital examinations in support of police investigations.  read more


"Skynet" is Real and Could Flag You as a Terrorist

Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, confirm that the Skynet program exists.  read more


A growing number of corporate cyber attacks in Ireland

More than half of Irish companies suffered a security incident last year.  read more


China says Wearable Tech Could Leak Secrets

Wearable tech is now on the growing list of cyberwar battlefields, alongside email inboxes and USB drives.  read more


New York Backs Bitcoin but other US States Won't

itBit  becomes the first Bitcoin exchange to  be fully regulated in the United States. read more


NSA Snowden is a 'hero' but not in the UK?

Edward Snowden and the film on his leaks, Citizenfour, were celebrated at an event in London, but has the UK really got the message on privacy?  read more


Nine Strange Flying Robots from the 2015 Drone Show

The future of drone design is an area with huge importance for companies and for the military. At the recent Unmanned Systems 2015 Show that future was on display.  
read more


US Colleges Open Networks in a Cyberwar

A string of attacks that attempt to exploit weaknesses that are unique to the way colleges operate.  read more