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Newsletter September #1 2015

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Biometric Security: From A Selfie To the Way You Walk

The mobile, cloud, banking & payments industries must prepare for the shift from traditional authentication to new biometric systems.  read more


Psychologists Work for GCHQ Deception Unit

Should psychologists should offer their expertise to spy agencies engaged in deception & propaganda?  read more


A Cyber Attack on US Power Grid Will Cost $1 Trillion

Thirty two percent of U.S emergency responses  to cyber security threats occurred in the energy sector.  read more


US Insurance Underwriters Launch Cyber Security Program

Insurance Industry supports proposals for a reputable certification program for IoT products.  read more


China Calls US a 'Cyber Bully' After False Accusation

Think Twice: Retaliation against China for the giant OPM Hack could be a big mistake.  read more


Hackers to Military: Replace Us With Robots –Don't Think So!

Next year's DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge event will pit humans against machines in a grand hacking war.  read more


Darkhotel Deploys Zero-Day From Hacking Team

Darkhotel: Latest research shows how the spy gang continues to evolve its cyber espionage methods.  read more


A Drone That Hacks Computers

Aerial Assault: A quadcopter that scans the world below for insecure devices and vulnerable WiFi ports.  read more


Seamless Technology Is a Gift for Cybercriminals

With cybercrime estimated to costs businesses more than $2tn by 2019, Marc Goodman says design is the best defence.  read more


Hacking For Cause: A Growing Cyber Security Trend

What is the hacker motive if not financial  gain and is there is an evolving definition of right and wrong regarding hacking?  read more


Hackers Can Remotely Shoot Someone Else's Sniper Rifle

American Sniper? A cyber hack that can  disable the weapon from a distance, or at least manipulate it into not working properly.  read more


Countdown: 10 Things Cyber Crooks Can Do To Your Computer - Without Touching It

Your computer may not have symptoms, but it  may still be infected.  read more


Hack on United Airlines Makes CIA's Job More Difficult

Stolen medical & financial records may now include US intelligence officials' travel itineraries from the world's second-largest airline.  read more

Black Hat Budgeting: What Would You Do With $1million?

A thought Experiment by Richard Bejtlich of Tao Security.  read more

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