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Google’s AutoML Offers Machine Learning Models Without Having To Code

by Tim Heath on 2018-01-29 11:57AM in TECHNOLOGY-Software, NEWS-News Analysis, FREE TO VIEW

AutoML Vision helps developers, including those with no machine learning expertise, build custom image recognition models.

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Snowden: NSA Should Have Prevented WannaCry Attacks

by Tim Heath on 2017-06-02 11:43AM in TECHNOLOGY-Software, TECHNOLOGY-Hackers, INTELLIGENCE-US, GOVERNMENT-National, FREE TO VIEW

The malicious WannCry software was developed by the National Security Agency and funded by American taxpayers before being leaked.

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Algorithms: An Unseen Influence On The UK Election

by Tim Heath on 2017-05-31 01:03PM in TECHNOLOGY-Software, NEWS-News Analysis, GOVERNMENT-National, FREE TO VIEW

Social media, Facebook in particular, will have an enormous effect on the UK vote, yet no-one seems to know how to measure what’s happening there.

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Dell Says Security Is Plaguing Business

by Neil Telford on 2017-02-21 09:04PM in BUSINESS-Services-IT & Telecoms, FREE TO VIEW, NEWS-News Analysis, TECHNOLOGY-Software

Michael Dell: Security is not a technology problem, but a business problem.

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Apple Removes Spy Apps

by Tim Heath on 2015-10-26 11:58AM in TECHNOLOGY-Software, NEWS-News Analysis, FREE TO VIEW, BUSINESS-Services-IT & Telecoms

Apple recently removed several apps from its store that pose a security risk by exposing a person's Web traffic to untrusted sources.

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Adobe Tackles New Flash Threat After Hacker Team Leak

by Tim Heath on 2015-07-21 11:34AM in TECHNOLOGY-Software, TECHNOLOGY-Hackers, NEWS-News Analysis, FREE TO VIEW, BUSINESS-Services-IT & Telecoms

Holes in Adobe Flash only come to light following Hacking Team data dump.

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Malware Remodeled

by Tim Heath on 2015-06-01 09:30AM in TECHNOLOGY-Software, FREE TO VIEW, BUSINESS-Services-IT & Telecoms

Malware is getting through enterprise defenses as attackers code new strains and re-clothe old ones.

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Digital Era Requires Agile Software Culture

by Tim Heath on 2015-05-12 12:58PM in TECHNOLOGY-Software, NEWS-News Analysis, FREE TO VIEW, BUSINESS-Services-IT & Telecoms

The digital era could be a bigger wave than the industrial revolution.

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JP Morgan Algorithm Identifies Rogue Employees

by Tim Heath on 2015-04-17 12:06PM in TECHNOLOGY-Software, TECHNOLOGY-Forensics, FREE TO VIEW, BUSINESS-Services-Financial

The Bank is rolling out a program to identify rogue employees before they go astray.

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How News Cards Are Quietly Transforming The Web

by Neil Telford on 2015-03-03 12:03PM in NEWS-News Analysis, FREE TO VIEW, TECHNOLOGY-Software

Cards, a technology that collapses online content into digital containers for fast and easy consumption has begun a transformation across the web.

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