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Newsletter December #1 2015

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CIA Say Snowden 'taught ISIS to avoid detection'

Former CIA deputy director claims Edward Snowden is directly implicated in the rapid expansion of ISIS in the months after his first leaks in 2013.  read more


Anonymous' Cyberwar With ISIS and It's Unintended Consequences

Efforts to take down ISIS websites may have unintended security consequences for carefully planned law enforcement operations.  read more


Former NSA Expert 'We are in the Cyber War'

Security mechanisms cannot keep up with the threats that both state actors and non-state actors like Anonymous are producing.  read more


Russian Financial Cybercrime

Russian cyber criminals have a reputation for sophisticated financial crime and the top flight are believed to have stolen over $790m.  read more  Now they have a new technique, dubbed the Reverse ATM Attack, to steal $millions more from banks.  read more


Cyber Security Predictions for 2016

Forrester Research give their five cybersecurity predictions and the resulting actions to be taken in 2016. read more  FortiGard think the Internet of Things, along with new malicious tactics & strategies, will create unique challenges next year. read more


IBM's CEO Says Cyber Crime Presents The Greatest Threat "

Cyber crime, by definition, is the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world." read more


Measuring and Interpreting Social Media Using Big Data

Think tank Demos and market research firm Ipos MORI are taking a close look at social media using big data analytic methods.  read more


Cyber Threat From Within

A rogue employee can do at least as much damage as a rogue nation.  read more


Nuclear Weapons Submarines Could Be Vulnerable to Cyberattack

Britain's Trident nuclear weapons system may turn out to be obsolete or unusable because of vulnerability to 'full spectrum' cyber assault.  read more


Coinbase Shift Payments To Bitcoin

Debit Card Coinbase has partnered with Shift Payments to create a debit card integrating all your currencies, both real and virtual, together in one payment source. read more


Bitwalking: A Digital Currency That Pays People to Walk

Bitwalking dollars will be earned by walking, unlike other digital currencies such as Bitcoins that are "mined" by computers.  read more

Cyber Security Firm Tanium Valued At $2.5billion 

Investors see that what makes Tanium unique is its ability to detect and fix enterprise security threats quickly.  read more


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