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Newsletter December #2 2015

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Has The US Become Complacent About Resisting Cyber Attacks?

No longer in the news: Accounts of cyberattacks these days seem to produce yawns. read more The constant vigilance required to protect US government systems and the systems themselves might not be up to the task. read more. Some experts think that attack is the best form of cyber defense, anyway. read more


First Ever EU Rules On Cybersecurity

Europe's critical digital infrastructure will be required to meet basic security standards. read more  The European Commission wants to stimulate the smart use of digital technologies to create new businesses. read more


Cyber Warfare Is Integral To Modern International Politics

Cyber-operations are being used for information warfare and  intelligence gathering purposes, especially in the war between Russia and Ukraine. read more


Anonymous Declares December 11th ISIS 'trolling day'

Hacktivist group Anonymous has declared a cyber war on ISIS under the hashtag #OpParis. read more


The Current Chinese Cybercriminal Underground

Trend Micro analyses the cybercrime economy in China and finds it very sophisticated and thriving more than ever. read more


OPM Hack Was Criminal - Not China Government Sponsored

Surprise: China's official investigation into the massive breach affecting 22 million US federal workers finds it was a criminal enterprise. read more


Gateway For Hackers

Routers - devices that connect people to the Web, sometimes called "the backbone of the Internet", are dangerously vulnerable to hackers. read more


Hackers Can Use Holes In The Internet of Things

Vulnerabilities in IOT devices such as fitness bands, smart-watches, drones and connected appliances could all be exploited by Hackers. read more


Insurance Tech Faces the Internet of Things Arms Race

As business intelligence and analytics technologies improve, insurers are developing strategies around easily accessible external data sources. read more


Building a Narrative-Driven Security Model

Most organizations suffer from alert fatigue - they find themselves inundated with far too many alerts, each of which has too little context. read more The task for IT security leaders needs to evolve to a higher level where they think proactively and strategically. read more


How to Spot a Fake LinkedIn Profile in 60 Seconds

The LinkedIn social media platform is an important professional tool. It is also rife with fraud and deceit. read more


Young People's Concerns About Job Automation

It turns out many young Britons have no understanding at all of how automation could impact their career. read more



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