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Newsletter December #3 2015

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The Biggest Cybersecurity Risk Is Not Identity Theft

Hackers who deface websites, apps and other media sources to spread false information present  a very real threat. read more The UK National Crime Agency says the average age of  cyber-attackers has dropped dramatically to just 17. read more


Malware Mixed Into A Cyber Threat Cocktail

On The Rocks: Cybercrime group combines Pony, Angler and CryptoWall 4.0 in a single toxic campaign slammer. read more


ISIS Counter-Attack Anonymous

Doxing: Islamic State are hitting back at Anonymous hacktivists. read more  In the aftermath of the Paris attack the French Government proposes to block Tor and forbid free Wi-Fi. read more


The True Cost of Surveillance

New legislation to regulate spying in the UK seeks to combine the numerous existing powers and make them all subject to coherent oversight. read more


Important Cyber Security Survey

Cyber Security Intelligence are teaming up with IHS to produce a Cyber Security Market Report. read more  Please fill in a short form - you will get the Report Summary. take the survey


Bitcoin's Forked: Chief Scientist Launches Alternative

Cryptocurrency bitcoin is facing civil war, with two high-profile developers announcing plans to split the code that underpins the network. read more


Big Data Can Help Climate Change

The Earth is big and its climate is complicated. To understand it, scientists turn to big, complicated climate simulations that run on supercomputers. read more  
Physicists propose using the afterglow of the big bang to make encryption keys. read more


The Future Of Healthcare Systems Is 'Unsexy Plumbing'

The technology companies that can get data integration right will be healthcare's true change-makers. read more


Microsoft Leads FBI Coalition To Destroy Botnet

To take down Win32/Dorkbot, Microsoft worked with ESET, US Department of Homeland Security, Europol, FBI and Interpol. read more


Spies Want IBM's Quantum Computer

One key area where quantum computers could have an impact is encryption and security. read more


Can You Solve The GCHQ Christmas Card Puzzle?

The British surveillance & intelligence agency GCHQ is sending out a Christmas card this year with a brain - teasing puzzle. read more


Cyber Warfare: An Integral Part of Modern Politics

Cyber-operations are being used for a wide range of information warfare & intelligence gathering purposes, according to NATO. read more


British Universities Suffer Sustained Cyber Assault

University students & faculty across the UK have been affected after the academic computer network known as Janet came under attack. read more

Kazakhstan: A Poorly Thought-out Surveillance Technique or an Experiment For the West?

Basically, the Kazakh government is snooping at the highest levels on its citizens. Opinion by Christoforus Papachristou. read more

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