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Newsletter December #4 2015

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Top Stories of 2015 - The Year in Retrospect

January: The Sony Hack

The US media went into overdrive blaming North Korea: Was it justified? read more. Unlike many corporations, it turns out Sony had a $60 million Cyber Insurance policy read more  The NSA's Director called for economic sanctions against N. Korea, calling the attack against the movie studio a "game changer" for cybersecurity. read more


February: Snowden 

Edward Snowden said the US has created a black market for Digital Weapons and sheds light on the surprising frequency with which cyber attacks occur, their potential for destruction and what he believes is at stake. read more  He also uncovered industrial espionage by the Chinese Government, including theft of plans for the new F-35 aircraft. read more


March: Privacy

Max Schrems'  long campaign against Facebook's data practices finally reached Europe's highest court. read more  Europe moved closer to approving new data-privacy legislation that threatened to raise tensions with US technology firms. read more


April: Cyber Insurance

Am I covered for that? Part of any prudent organisation's plan to respond to a data breach should include a cyber insurance policy. read more


May: The Insider Threat

Forget hackers, the biggest threat to your private information may actually be you. read more


June: Snowden Again

The US Senate voted to end bulk collection of millions of Americans' phone records two years after Edward Snowden's first revelations. read more  But that same month, the massive OPM hack exposed the personal details of millions of US Federal employees. read more


July: AI As Dangerous As Nuclear Weapons

Leading computer scientists fear humanity might be 'driving off a cliff' with the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence. read more  Both Stephen Hawking & Steve Wozniak agreed the military robotics arms race should stop. read more


August: Investors Pour $Billions Into Cybersecurity

Venture capital firms & corporate investors scramble to invest a record amount of money in to cybersecurity companies. read more


September: Autonomous Weapons

Experts ponder the legal justification for the UK's lethal drone strike in Syria. read more  Smart naval robots could make for very choppy waters in places where the U.S, Russia and others have competing interests. read more


October: The Jobs Robots Will Take First....

The debate about whether machines will eliminate the need for human employment is no longer academic. read more  Professional duties seen as distinctly human could soon be carried out by AI. read more  Technology will transform human expertise. read more


November: Real War & Cyberwar Coincide

After the murderous Paris attacks Britain says it will increase spending on cyber defence and build its own offensive capability. read more  The type of cyber war that the US government and its military fear most is already in full swing in Ukraine. read more


December: Cybercrime Out of Control

Russian cyber criminals have a deserved reputation for sophisticated financial crime. read more The cybercrime economy in China is also sophisticated and thriving more than ever. read more. Accounts of cyberattacks are now so prevalent they are no longer newsworthy. read more


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