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Newsletter November #1 2015

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UK Is Forced To Backtrack on Internet 'snooping'

The U.K. Government is struggling to pass it's new surveillance law. read more  While the U.S Senate has passed CISA unamended by a big majority.  read more


Europe Is Spying on You

EU countries are amending their counter-terrorism legislation to grant more intrusive powers to security services. read more   ENISA is stepping up to address threats to critical infrastructure and help EU governments & businesses plan their response.  read more


EU Rules Bitcoin Exchange Is Now Tax-Free

Bitcoin transactions will not be subject to value-added tax. read more  A group of digital currency companies and law enforcement agencies are getting together to improve communication with government.  read more


RBS Says Most Scam Victims Recover Nothing

Banks are not generally responsible for fraud, unless their advice, delays or other errors have resulted in money being stolen.  read more  In the wake of the TalkTalk cyber-attack, UK credit card details are for sale on black market websites for as little £1 each.  read more


Poaching On the Rise For Big Data Professionals

The skills shortage bites hard and the lack of enough trained people is a major obstacle in Data Analytics. Pressure is building on companies to land the top talent in the market.  read more


Cyber Attack Recovery Times Cause Big Concerns

When it comes to limiting damage and preventing data breaches, time is the biggest challenge for security and risk professionals.  read more


ISPs Asked To Block Pirate Sites

UK Internet service providers have been asked to block access to dozens of URLs that are suspected of linking to pirated content.  read more


Australia Lagging in Cyber War

Australia urgently needs to have an open and public debate on its military, security, and civil needs in cyberspace.  read more


Can Russian Submarines Cut Off the Internet?

The Russian navy might be disrupting undersea cables.  read more  The U.S Navy is launching a squadron of submarine drones that can operate with minimal human intervention close to sensitive targets.  read more


New Material Promises NSA-proof Wallpaper

A flexible material, thin and tough for wallpaper or woven fabric that can keep electronic emissions in, and electromagnetic pulses out.  read more


IBM Watson's Goodbye To Privacy

There is so much data being produced these days that it can no longer be made sense of without artificial intelligence. Which has consequences for human privacy.  read more


Cyber London for Europe's Brightest Cyber Security Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

The CyLon cybersecurity start-up accelerator and incubator Winter Programme starts soon - the application deadline is 6th November.  read more


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