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Newsletter November #2 2015

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The Top 10 Jobs in Cyber Security

Demand for  information security workers is outstripping supply and their pay is going up. read more  Current trends in AI and automation along with existing algorithms & technologies are likely to have a big influence in the job-market. read more


Enterprises Don't Have Big Data, They Have Bad Data

Big Data alone is silly. Building an enterprise with smart, usable data is what every company should strive to create.  read more  Big Data success stories for predicting human behavior over long terms don't bear scrutiny. read more


New UK Surveillance Bill Appears In The Wake of Snowden

Is the proposed new legislation a gross intrusion of privacy or a sensible anti-terrorism measure?  read more  Holding on to web data for Police inspection is "perhaps the most contentious and confused aspect of communications data retention".  read more


Can EU Judges Keep NSA Spying in Check?

The EU Justice Commissioner says the NSA's blanket surveillance of Europeans will be subject to judicial review. read more   EU MPs voted Edward Snowden should be granted asylum in Europe on the grounds that he is a "defender of human rights."  read more


Russian Air Crash Investigation Changes The Encryption War

If intercepted communications prove an ISIS bomb caused the crash in Egypt, it could be just the boost that surveillance state advocates need.  read more


Bank of England Partners With US for Cyberattack Simulation

The Bank of England is set to simulate a major cyberattack in order to test the security protocols being employed by the finance industry.  read more


Conditional Clearance For Hackers To Test Automotive & Healthcare Security

US Researchers will be able to look for flaws in software running on cars and medical devices without fearing legal action.  read more


Waging Cyberwar In Peacetime

The internet makes civilian targets the easiest to strike and in many instances causalities are not immediate.  read more


The Dark Side of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – And How To Avoid It

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its promise of technological progress, comes a dark reality.  Opinion By Espen Barth Eide & Anja Kaspersen  read more


MI5 Relies On Hacking

The British spy agency says it has "relied" on hacking techniques in "the overwhelming majority of high priority investigations" over the past year.  read more


U.S Tech Companies Shouldn't Give China Code

China has been asking US technology companies to share proprietary information, ostensibly for security purposes.  read more


Julian Assange: Google is Hillary Clinton's 'Secret Weapon'

A Google offshoot is building the infrastructure for personalized, data-driven election campaigning in the 2016 U.S  Presidential race.  read more


Who Is In Charge if a Massive Cyber Attack Strikes the US?Large scale cyber attacks on infrastructure may be unlikely, but if it happens the chain of command is far from clear. read more

Reading List: Cyber Attack, CyberCrime, CyberWarfare – CyberComplacencyAn in-depth reference work covering cyber attacks from motivation, identification, analysis & mitigation. By Mark Osborne. read more

IncuBus Ventures and PwC to Offer Incubator ProgrammeLondon: IncuBus 'Future of Work' incubator hosted by PwC is looking for disruptive cyber security startups.  read more

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