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Newsletter November #3 2015

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Where Next? Paris Attacks Show the Mumbai Strikes Were A Global Blueprint

The response to global terrorism is far from united. As the terrorist  attack on Mumbai has shown, getting two premier security agencies to cooperate is a challenge.  read more


'Jihadi John' Strike: US Says 'We Got Him'

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Extrajudicial execution by drone strike of notorious ISIS killer.  read more


Cyber War and Real War Coincide In Ukraine

The type of cyber war that the US government and it's military are most worried about is already in full swing in the Ukraine.  read more


UK Banks Face Cyber Security Stress Test - Operation Resilient Shield

UK financial institutions' CIO's will feel the heat as the Bank of England rolls out it's new war-game to test the cyber-resilience of the financial sector. read more  Are simulated cyber-attacks in London and New York  too liitle and too late?  read more


Cybercrime: How to Recognize an Online Fraudster

The switch to Chip & PIN cards in the US is driving attempts to profile online fraudsters. The results may surprise you.  read more The American Bankers Association is not happy about the FBI warning consumers on the risks of new Chip & PIN credit cards.  read more


Mystery Fingers on Keyboard in JPMorgan Hack

The identity of a master hacker behind the biggest attack ever on the US financial system is being withheld by prosecutors. Why is that?  read more


How the Threat Landscape Will Change By 2020

McAfee Labs attempt to predict how the types of threat actors will change and how the industry will meet these challenges over the next five years. read more


Internet of Things Will Drive the Digital Revolution of Industry

Increased connectivity is going to change the way we communicate and do business.  read more


Artificial intelligence Could Drive Human Inequality

A new report suggests that the marriage of AI and robotics could replace so many jobs that the era of mass employment could come to an end.  read more


50% of US Businesses Have No Formal BYOD Policy

Years after the widespread adoption of workplace smartphones, most US companies don't have a bring your own device policy to safeguard security.  read more


Seven Things You Need to Know About Car Hacking

Car hacking is real and likely to happen much more regularly in the future. Top facts you need to know about this emerging trend.  read more


State-sponsored Cyberspies

FireEye have discovered an attack campaign that has  injected computer profiling & tracking scripts into over 100 security- sensitive Russian  websites.  read more


Low-tech Coppers in the UK

Reported crime is down but with big budget cuts, aging technology & new cybercrime challenges, a policeman's lot is not a happy one.  read more


Thailand's Military to Set Up New Cyberwar Unit

Thailand will establish a new group to counter growing cyber threats. The move follows plans by the ruling military government to creat a single access point for the Internet.  read more


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