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Newsletter November #4 2015

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Restricting Encryption Wouldn't Stop Paris-Style Attacks

It's not clear that undermining strong encryption would do anything to prevent terrorism. read more  After the Paris attacks ISIS tells supporters it's news forums are moving entirely to the Dark Net.  read more


ISIS' 'Cyber Caliphate' Hacks 50,000+ Twitter Accounts

ISIS has reportedly hacked tens of thousands of Twitter accounts and posted phone numbers of CIA and FBI chiefs online. read more  Anonymous is making good on its declaration of cyberwar on ISIS terrorist groups. read more


Britain Building Cyber Forces to Attack ISIS

Britain will bolster spending on cyber defences and build its own offensive cyber capability to attack adversaries. read more


US Intelligence Faces A Diversity of Challenges

From nation-states to individuals acting on behalf of terrorist groups, the US intelligence community has a big challenge preventing attacks. read more  US lawmakers want to project more power in the newest military domain, starting with a 'pretend' cyberwar.  read more


Did China Authorize a Major High Level Hack on the US & It's Allies?

High Alert: Google announces discovery of a phishing scam based in China, targeting email passwords of senior government & mlitary officials.  read more  Failure to follow through on the US - China cyber non-agression agreement could be the first step toward an inevitable cyberwar.  read more


Signal: The Snowden-Approved Crypto App Comes to Android

Open Whisper Systems' encryption tools already have a wide footprint: Their messaging App Signal, used & approved by Edward Snowden, is now available on Android.  read more


Can Cyber Intelligence Help Policing Defeat Terrorism?

Opinion by Gavin Thomas, Vice president, British Police Superintendents Association read more


UK Crime Rate Rises Sharply as Cybercrime is Included

It is estimated there were 2.5m "computer misuse" incidents last year, where a victim's computer is infected by a virus. read more


Tackling Crime On The Dark Web

GCHQ and the National Crime Agency (NCA) in the UK have formed a new unit to police the Dark Web.  read more


UK & US Banks Prepare For Cyber Stress Tests

Stress Test: Financial centres in London and New York are being hit with simulated cyber attacks this month.  read more


Google's New AI System is 'Machine Learning' Breakthrough

Google say it's TensorFlow system is the first serious  implementation of a framework for 'deep learning' allowing machines to learn abstract concepts. read more  DeepMind want to 'solve intelligence'. It's about the science of making machines smart. read more


Cyber Warfare Specialists NSO Group Explore $1Billion Sale

Secretive maker of spyware is about to cash out with a major trade sale.  read more


A Spy Firm's Price List for Secret Hacker TechniquesThe zero-day broker startup Zerodium has published it's price list for different classes of digital intrusion techniques & software targets. read more

Watch Out for the Computer Takeover ScamA new-style telephone scam where fraudsters impersonate major organisations to take over computers and steal money. read more


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