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Newsletter October #1 2015

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Cyber Attacks Cost Business Over $300bn Worldwide Last Year

Research from Grant Thornton reveals that cyber attacks are taking a serious toll on business  read more  While PWC reckon the global cyber insurance market will triple in size to reach $7.5 billion in annual premiums by 2020.  read more


U.S & China Talk Truce But Cyber War Remains

James Clapper, Director of  National Intelligence, tells a U.S Senate hearing on cybersecurity that he is not optimistic about the agreement.  read more


Edward Snowden Joins Twitter & Follows NSA

His opening tweet was: "Can you hear me now?"  read more


Integrating Video Analytics Technologies At Airports

There is a critical need for finding solutions for more advanced security in airports.  read more


Why Is China Hacking Norway?

Half of all cyber intrusions in the Nordic states target Norwegian companies and Norway seems to be the main target of Chinese hackers.  read more


'Hackers for Hire'- Major Police Effort To Fight Criminal Gangs

A "small number" of hackers offer  "cybercrime as a service" creating a market a for criminal gangs to bid for targets to be attacked.  read more


Hackers Burrow Into Apple's Walled Garden

The walled garden has a rather nasty infestation. Several Chinese apps were discovered to contain code that could steal user information.  read more


AI - Reshaping the Workplace

AI-powered business applications will automate jobs, rather than just a task and the the effects  will ripple across organizations.  read more


Six Emerging CyberSecurity Risks

NY Cyber Security Summit: A panel of experts recently discussed emerging cybersecurity risks. Here is what you need to know.  read more


Medical Devices Vulnerable to Hackers

Thousands of critical medical systems, such as MRI machines, are available for hackers to access online.  read more


21 Announces the Bitcoin Computer

Buying and running a bitcoin miner just got a little easier. And there is a micropayment capability included.  read more


The Rules of Cyberspace Just Got A Bit Clearer

The United Nations has made significant recommendations guiding state activity in cyberspace which break new ground.  read more

Where's The Money in Data?

How can businesses use data to drive revenue?  read more

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