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Newsletter October #4 2015

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The Jobs Robots Will Take First…

The debate about whether machines will eliminate the need for human employment is no longer just academic.  read more  Professional duties that we see as distinctly human could soon be carried out by AI  read more  Furthermore, technology will transform human expertise  read more


Russia - NATO Cyber War Heats Up

Cyberattacks have become far more aggressive and numerous since NATO and Russia recommenced hostilities with each other.  read more   Russia has long been known to source its technology, world-class hacking talent & intelligence information from cyber crime rings.  read more


A Second Snowden Has Leaked Drone Secrets

There is a new large scale source of U.S. classified leaks, this time with a focus on drones.  read more  Not least because the the business of military drone-building is booming.  read more


Bitcoin - It's Uncomplicated

Bitcoin is the best known of a number of emerging online currencies. Here's a summary of what it's all about.  By Jamie Collier.  read more


What's The Value Of Your Data?

Data has become a strategic asset that allows companies to acquire or maintain a competitive edge.  read more


The Dark Web Uncovered

Intel Security shines a light on the shadowy world of Dark Web cybercrime markets. Far from being hidden away, these markets are easy to find.  read more


UK Crime Rate Soars as CyberCrime Included

Crime rate doubles to more than 11.6m offences due to the novel inclusion of online fraud and cybercrime offences. read more


Cyberattack: Millions Stolen From UK Bank Accounts

Dridex: Computers become infected with the virus when users receive and open documents in seemingly legitimate emails.  read more


Australia Begins Mass Data Retention

Including metadata on who called or texted whom for how long, location, volume of data exchanged, device information & email IP data.  read more


Attract and Retain Great Cyber Security Talent

The ability to attract bright graduates lies in the relationships that companies have with the universities & institutions that produce the strongest talent. read more


Asking Just 4 Questions Will Stop 90% of Hacks

The four basic steps of cyber security "hygiene" can head off up to 90% of attacks.  read more


IBM's Watson Analytics - New Data Discovery

New Analytics include Expert Storybooks: data discovery models to help users discover patterns & relationships enabling predictive decisions.  read more


White House Backs Off Encryption

Obama administration will not force US Tech firms to breach the security of their products in order to provide information to law enforcement.  read more

Deep Web – CyberCrime, The Movie

A new documentary film gives the inside story of the arrest of Ross William Ulbricht, the man behind the Silk Road cybercrime website.  read more

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