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Newsletter October #5 2015

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Cyber Warfare: Regional Is Becoming Global

Today's small wars  are fought online & under the radar. Could they escalate into real wars? read more  At least one expert thinks cyber wars will not trigger a traditional war. read more.  Meanwhile, Chinese hackers are still trying to penetrate US companies, despite a pledge they would not do so.  read more


FBI Say ISIS Is Going After US Vulnerabilities

The big concern is a cyber attack on the power grid & other critical infrastructure. read more  Russian researchers are  working on computer software to locate potential ISIS recruiters online.  read more


Is The TalkTalk Hack A Jihadist Attack?

Rumours on social media say it was hacker gang Lulzsec but Islamic extremists have claimed responsibility for the hack on the UK broadband provider.  read more


Who Is responsible For Security In The Cloud?

Ponemon Institute Survey: Only one third of respondents are confident the Cloud meets their security objectives. read more


The Arrival of Algorithmic Business

In today's digital era, dynamic, digital algorithms are at the core of new customer interactions.  read more


Apple Removes Spy Apps

Apple recently removed several apps from its store that pose a security risk by exposing a person's Web traffic to untrusted sources.  read more


Hackers Compromise Cisco Web

Malicious, data stealing JavaScript injected in the Cisco Web VPN login page of targeted organizations is hosted on legitimate sites.  read more


IBM Gives China Access to Software Code

IBM is giving the Chinese government access to some software code to demonstrate the security of its products.  read more


Cybersecurity Firm Illusive Protects By Deception

Sometimes the best way to protect data is to make it appear as vulnerable as possible. read more


UK Cybercrime & Online Fraud on the Rise

The changing face of crime in Britain has been underlined by new official data showing the growing threat of cyber crime and online fraud.  read more


Germany Will Make Telecoms Companies  Disclose Data To Police

Despite two previous laws being ruled unconstitutional, data retention is back in Germany.  read more


Israel: The Cyber Power

Israel is a high tech epicenter built around Internet security, anti-virus software and other cyber defense technologies.  read more


African States Quick To Adopt Network Surveillance

Governments in Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa and Ethiopia are deploying sophisticated network eavesdropping tools against their citizens.  read more


Jobs Are Disappearing to the Digital Revolution

Gartner is forecasting some major changes in technology, especially in areas like 3D printing, machine learning and voice recognition.  read more

Your Personal Safety. There's An App For ThatA crowd sourced App that enables you to reach out for help to other users nearby. read more

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