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Newsletter September #2 2015

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Julian Assange Advised Snowden To Go to Russia

It was the WikiLeaks founder who advised NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to go to Russia. read more  Snowden has no plans to leave, although he's not  applying for Russian citizenship just yet.  read more


U.S. and China Are Escalating Their Cyber War

When competitors become adversaries, judging the level of threat & response gets very complicated.  read more


Hit List: ISIS 'hacking division' Releases Details of 1,400 Military & Government Personnel

Could ISIS 'cyber caliphate' unleash a deadly attack on key targets?  read more


Humans Should Ban Artificially Intelligent Weapons

Manufacturers and governments developing lethal AI weapons claim proper safeguards can be engineered. We doubt it.  read more


MH370 Gentle Landing Theory

Experts now believe the missing Flight MH370 flew on autopilot over the S. China sea until it ran out of fuel.  read more


Cognitive Computing: What Can and  Can't Be Done

Can computers solve the kinds of woolly, messy problems that humans deal with every day?  read more


Anonymous Launches Cyber-Attacks Against ISIS

Hacktivists are targeting and attacking the online network of supporters & suspected websites of ISIS.  read more


Counterpunch: Cyberspies Impersonate a Security Researcher

A cyber espionage group turned the tables on a security researcher: the attackers impersonated the researcher in a spear-phishing email attack.  read more


Going Up: Pentagon Increasing Drone Flights By 50%

The Pentagon is increasing drone flights by 50% to meet U.S. demands for surveillance & air strikes.  read more  Also, new tools enabling a rapid response to distributed denial-of-service (DDos) attacks.  read more


US Intelligence Keys in on the Russian 'Troll Army' Manipulating Social Media

Fake Open Source: U.S. Intelligence think Russia is skilful at using social media to generate propaganda.  read more


Malaysian Police Work with Interpol & FBI to Foil Cyber Warfare Threat

Anonymous Malaysia threaten Internet 'Warfare'  read more


NSA Gives $300,000 for a Safer Internet of Things

The NSA is funding development for architecture for a "safer" Internet of Things (IoT) to 'design in' better security.  read more

Hackers Target Saudi Government Websites

Over 24 Saudi government websites have been hacked, despite the fact that the hackers gave advance warning.  read more

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