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Newsletter September #3 2015

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Cyber Threat: First Data Theft - Next Data Manipulation

US intelligence chiefs warn that the next phase of escalating online data theft will involve the manipulation of digital information.  read more


Autonomous Submarine Drones: A Threatening New Weapons Platform

Smart naval robots could make for very choppy waters in places where the U.S, Russia and others have competing interests.  read more


Firm That cleared Edward Snowden Will Pay NSA $30m Damages

Big Mistake: Private firm that vetted Edward Snowden for security clearance to work for the NSA will pay compensation.  read more


Russia & China Use Hacked Databases to Find US Spies

Foreign intelligence agencies are reportedly crosschecking hacked databases & compromised information for evidence.  read more


IoT Will Change Your Relationship With Insurance

You + IoT + Provider = A New Dialogue  read more


Cybersecurity Is A Competition Issue For Business

Companies need to start thinking about how to measure and prepare for the real, business impacts of cyber threats.  read more


How Companies Are Fighting Off Spies and Hackers

Two years since Snowden leaked details of massive covert surveillance operations, what is business doing to defend against spies & hackers?  read more


A New Design for Cryptography's Black Box

Advances in cryptography show how near-perfect computer security might be close at hand.  read more


Getting Hotter: China vs US Cyberwar

US - China relations are taking  a nosedive over the OPM hack but China is a victim too  read more  and since industry is the main target, should'n't the US use it's secret data to warn enterprises of attacks?  read more


Over 90% of UK Police Requests to Access Calls & Emails Are Granted

Campaigners find British Police were making a request every two minutes and getting access in 93% of cases.  read more


Decoding the DNS: A New Arena in Cyber Defence

Using DNS data as an intelligence gathering mechanism in the war against cyber-crime.  read more


Top Risk Management Concerns: Survey Results

Companies' fears regarding cyber threats are significant, including hacking incidents, information theft. loss of network & website access.  read more

JPMorgan Hires Former U.S Army Cyber Chief

Put down that gun & pick up a pay rise: Odierno wears pinstripes.  read more

Five Months After the OPM Attack.

The 21.5 million victims of the largest known U.S government breach will just begin receiving their notifications at the end of September.  read more

Are We Really Safe From Self-Aware Robots?

Suddenly, those apocalyptic predictions about killer robots seem less crazy. read more

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