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Newsletter April #1 2016

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Biggest Data Leak Ever Exposes The World's Most Powerful

An obscure law firm in Central America is the source of what's being called the largest information leak in history. read more


Apple's Questionable Victory Over the FBI

Hollow Victory: Apple has suffered a major casualty in its legal battle with the FBI: its reputation over the iPhone's security. read more


CEOs Seek Out CIOs With A 'Bias For Action'

CIOs are bracing for the harsh winds of change inherent in business transformations and are asking what is it CEOs want from today's IT leaders. read more


UK Surveillance Bill Could Force Startups To Build In Backdoors

The UK's  proposed new  surveillance law enables state agencies to compel even very small startups to build backdoors into their systems. read more


Four Startup Companies That Are Harnessing AI In The Invisible Cyberwar

A few examples of Cybersecurity startups working on automated systems they hope will be more effective than hiring human enterprise security teams. read more


Who Is The Cybersecurity Guy In Your Organisation?

Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility, isn't it? read more


The Top 4 IT Risks For Small Businesses

Most small businesses assume that it is bigger enterprises that are under most cyber threat. This assumption is not right. read more


How The CIA Is Making Sense Of Big Data

The CIA's new spying strategy is to make sense of big data, the technological explosion of connectivity, data sensors, devices & people. read more


Ex-CIA Chief: 'If we don't handle China well, it will be catastrophic'

General Michael Hayden turned the CIA into a militarised force. He now thinks the obsession with counter-terrorism obscures more serious threats. read more


Russian Cyber War Training Can Be A Killer

Russia is developing and testing military grade Cyber War weapons on real targets and finding out what works and what needs improvement. read more


Email Is Dying Among Young Mobile Users

Messaging apps are the future of communication in the mobile-first era and are increasingly dominant over email among younger users. read more


A Short Career: CIO Executive Brief (£)

Studies of Chief Information Officer (CIO) employment shows that they tend to stay in a job on average for only 4 years. premium subscription  read more

Cognitive Computing Market Forecast To Be Worth $31billion In 3 Years

Cognitive computing will drive digital transformation and show explosive growth over the next few years. read more

Cars Really Are Increasingly Vulnerable To Cyberthreats

Modern cars are "increasingly vulnerable" to hacking after researchers proved it is possible to disable brakes and manipulate steering remotely. read more

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