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Newsletter April #2 2016

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The Darkest Web...

TOR is an essential tool for carrying out investigations in law enforcement. It is also used by criminals. Opinion by Max Vetter (distressing content) read more


Eight Reasons Why US CEOs Care About New EU Privacy Laws

A major change is on the way in how American companies must handle European citizens' personal data. read more


Execs: We're Not Responsible For Cybersecurity

More than 90% of corporate executives say they can't read a cybersecurity report and are not prepared to handle a major attack. read more


Will Capitalism Survive The Robot Revolution?

If 90 percent of human jobs are replaced by robots in the next 50 years, will capitalism remain the ideal economic system? read more


The Next Decade Will Be About The Industrial Internet

Corporate giant GE has outlined some fundamental insights about the digital transformation efforts of industrial businesses. read more


Cybersecurity Proved A Poor Financial Investment in 2015

Investment in cyber-security companies has been anything but safe in 2015. read more


WhatsApp Implements Encryption

A victory for privacy has been won after Whatsapp's decision to encrypt end to end messaging. read more


UK Investigatory Powers Bill Will Cost £1bn To Implement

The UK Home Office has been told its plans to retain web-browsing history of all British citizens for 12 months would cost in excess of £1bn. read more


Ukraine - More Cyber Attacks

Ukrainian energy companies have ignored their own security rules in power grid hacks and more attacks are predicted to come. read more


Chinese Military Aim To Lead On Cyber-Space Defense

The Chinese military is forming a new Strategic Force to enhance its cyber warfare, space security & online espionage capabilities. read more


Islamic State Recruits Indian Hackers

Islamic State is recruiting hackers in India to break into government systems and paying them over $10,000 for each job they do. read more


What Should You Do If Your Business Is Hacked?

Some executives think that the PR issues involved are more damaging than the actual attacks.They should think again. premium subscription read more

Who's in Charge When The US Suffers A Cyberattack?

Is it NORTHCOM or CYBERCOM? CYBERCOM or the NSA—or both? read more

Israeli Drone Hacked By Five Eyes Intelligence

British and American spies collected live video from Israeli drones as part of a classified program code-named "Anarchist" operating from Cyprus. read more

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