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Newsletter April #4 2016

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On the Brink of Cyber War…

Moscow and Washington meet quietly in Geneva to renew efforts to prevent rushing into a cyber war "by mistake." read more


Chinese Whistleblower Sentenced To Death For Leaking State Secrets

Computer technician Huang Yu has been sentenced to death for leaking over 150,000 classified documents to an unidentified foreign power. read more


Snowden Denounces Police Chasing Journalist's Data

From safety in Moscow, Edward Snowden has condemned Australian law enforcement for collecting a journalist's communications records without a warrant. read more


The CIA Invests In Firms That Mine Social Media

Soft robots that can grasp delicate objects, computer algorithms designed to spot an "insider threat," and artificial intelligence sifting large data sets. read more


GCHQ Approved: Ten Cyber Degree Courses

Courses from the leading UK Universities provide elite training in cyber security endorsed & approved by GCHQ. read more


The Delayed FinTech Revolution

Modern digital technology has not yet transformed financial services. Open data is the key to change in this sector of the economy. read more


Cybercrime Increases As Crooks Get AI Smarter

Symantec's 2016 Internet Security Threat Report  reveals that 2015 saw an increase in hacking numbers and smarter attacks. read more


Hackers-For-Hire Services Booming

Hackers are offering their services to break into corporate email for anyone paying as little as $500. read more


EU General Data Protection Regulation Finally Passes

A two-year implementation process will begin  the final step to completion before the regulation becomes EU law. read more


MoD Email Blunder Leaks Secret NATO Report

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) made an 'administrative error' leading to the accidental leak of a secret NATO document. read more


Self-Driving Trucks Complete European Cross-Border Trip

A 'Platoon' of wireless-linked trucks arrived safely in the Netherlands port city of Rotterdam, giving a glimpse of the future of road haulage. read more


Cyber Threat Intelligence: Sharing Is Caring

Shared cyber-threat intelligence is a critical component of security, enabling organizations to protect digital assets & respond quickly to new threats. read more

How To Deal With The Rising Tide Of Ransomware

Of all the money-making schemes hackers employ, the most prevalent is ransomware. read more

Cyber Insurer Offers Some Ransomware Insights

A significant number of Hospitals have fallen prey to malware attacks in recent weeks and the No.1 issue is employee negligence. read more

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