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Newsletter August #1 2016

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Russian Government Under Multiple Cyber Attack

A "professional" cyber-attack has hit Russian government bodies, says the country's FSB domestic intelligence service. read more


ISIS Warn That London 'next to be attacked'

Open Source Intelligence: London is on the list of target cities for the next jihadi outrage attack. read more


Major Privacy Win For Microsoft in 'free for all' Data

The US government cannot force Microsoft to give authorities access to the firm's servers located in other countries, a court rules. read more


Cyber Attacks On Banks Prompt New Regulatory Safeguards

US regulators are worried that the surge in frequent, aggressive digital breaches could cripple the entire financial system. read more


What To Look For In A Security Consultant

Running a secure business means achieving organisational priorities in a fast-evolving landscape. This requires anticipation & adaptability. read more


Half UK Employees Have No Cyber Security Training

Clearly there is work to be done in changing the perception of cybersecurity and building a pipeline of qualified cyber security workers. read more


Don't Underestimate Virtual Reality

Why are major  technology companies, including  Google and Facebook, making big investments in Virtual Reality? read more


Network Security & The Importance Of "Defense in Depth"

IT departments have the constant dilemna of whether it is more important to prioritize securing the network, or their endpoints. read more


Snooping On Employee Social Media Histories

The Pentagon is researching a "social media checks" pilot scheme that would analyze public posts to help determine an employee's suitability. read more


AI Defeats Human Fighter Pilots

The new AI, called ALPHA runs on cheap desktop PC and can outperform and beat human pilots in combat simulations. read more


Cyber Threats & Nuclear Weapons

The spread of cyber weapons and their information-warfare capabilities are challenging conventional thinking about nuclear weapons. read more


The End Of Your Undivided Attention

Many things have sought to capture your undivided attention, but that might be a slender hope in today's multichannel & multimedia reality. read more


Data Science Offers Commercial Opportunities (£)

Data Science has the potential to create more business for your organisation if it's used well and both the IT team & the Board fully understand what's required. read more

Mining Bitcoin Just Halved

Bitcoin just experienced a major milestone in its short little life-span. read more

Close The Talent Gap - $10m Cisco Cybersecurity Scholarship Fund

Finding the cybersecurity talent required for today's digital economy is a serious challenge. And it's getting worse. Cisco have a plan... read more

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