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Newsletter August #3 2016

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Easy: Hackers Take Down A Hospital

Using only a few USB sticks, hackers got into the hospital network, taking over medicine-dispensing devices. Death was a literal keystroke away. read more


Rio Olympics Hacking Threats

World-class athletes aren't the only ones preparing for the Olympic Games. World-class cybercriminals are also hoping to leave with gold. read more


European Privacy Directive: Encryption Without Backdoors

The EU rules designed to protect privacy in electronic communications need to reflect the world that exists today. read more


Defensive Measures: Estonia Will Store Citizens' Data In The UK

Estonia plans to back up its entire store of citizen data in the UK, fearing another cyberattack from neighboring Russia. read more


Hacking May Prompt Heightened US Election Security

US Security officials are thinking about designating elections as national critical infrastructure after recent hacking attacks on the main political parties. read more


What Business Executives Really Should Know About Social Media

Executive social media accounts are the first places many malicious attackers go when gathering target intelligence. read more


Cybersecurity Due Diligence Is Critical

The potential costs of cybersecurity problems to public companies are simply enormous. read more


5 Reasons IT Leaders Should  Improve Both Their Technical & 'Soft' Skills

The ability to communicate technical information to a non-technical audience is increasingly important as IT integrates with overall business functions. read more


Ransomware: Hackers Are Getting Much More Advanced

Hackers are using increasingly advanced techniques of the kind  more commonly seen in cyber-espionage. read more


What Makes A Data Scientist?

What does it take t to have a brilliant career in the hottest sector in the technology industry? It all starts with mathematics .... read more


Artificial Intelligence - Hope Or Illusion?

Are we entering an age where machines will take over from humans, for better or worse? read more


Wanted: Hackers To Help FBI Fight Cybercrime

The FBI needed undisclosed outside help to crack the San Bernadino shooter's iPhone. Now they are looking for help to fight ransomware. read more

Mobile Battery Tracks You Online

A little-known web standard that lets site owners tell how much battery life a mobile device has left has been found to enable tracking online. read more

James Bond - Pen Tester

According to Black Hat experts, it pays to have a suspicious mind. Pen-testing can use deception to counter spear-phishing and other superficially benign threats. read more

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