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Newsletter August #4 2016

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Turning Big Data Into Smart Data

Big Data has become one of the key buzzwords for businesses everywhere. But without structure any amount of data is unusable. read more


Phineas Fisher Fingered: Hacking the Turkish Government

A notorious hacker has claimed responsibility for hacking Turkey's ruling party, the AKP, stealing more than 300,000 internal emails and other files. read more


DDoS Attacks Shut Down Pro-ISIS Websites

Outraged hackers have combined forces to take down ISIS affiliated websites. read more


Exploring Alternatives: Terrorism Is Converging With Cyber Crime

There is growing evidence that terrorists and criminals are converging in cyberspace. Opinion by Norman J Lihou.
read more


'Dropping Elephant' Is A New Cyber Espionage Group

Kaspersky Lab is monitoring a new cyber espionage group which has a high success rate despite using only low tech attacks. read more


New Airport Security Technology

Persistent threats from terrorism & international  crime are prompting a big effort  by civil aviation authorities to develop new security screening technologies. read more


CISOs Need Teamwork & A Strategic Framework

Companies may not fully understand the nature of modern threats. Simply placing a higher priority on security may not lead to improved measures. read more


Google Uses AI To Save On It's Energy Bills

Its artificial intelligence division, DeepMind, has cut Google's data centres' energy consumption by 15%, using a machine-learning algorithm. read more


ISIS Suspect Was Sending Encrypted Emails

A senior Indian intelligence official says that an ISIS suspect used, a secure email encryption app, to contact his foreign handler. read more


Hacking The Boss

The use of social media as a means for targeting victims, whether through phishing or social engineering scams, is nothing new. read more

Next Steps For Data Protection. Implementation, Compliance & Best Practice:

This CPD certified event will provide a timely opportunity for delegates to discuss the implications of EU Data Protection regulatory changes. read more

UK Parliamentary Committee Wants To Penalise CEOs for Cyber Breaches (£)

The DCMS Committee recommends heavier penalties for cyber criminals. They also say that it is important to introduce penalties for the CEOs of breached companies. read more

The Race To Regulate Self-Driving Cars

Unintended consequences of the the "internet of things" include incomplete & inconsistent laws which depress the benefits without addressing the risks. read more

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