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Newsletter December #1 2016

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The British IP Bill & Protection From Government Snoopers

The UK Investigatory Powers Act, aka 'the snoopers charter' passed in to law this week. It basically removes the right to online privacy. read more


Has Cognitive Computing Arrived?

Cognitive computing has the potential to transform the way we view data analytics and It's just getting started. read more


Google Technology To Treat UK Health Service Patients

London's Royal Free NHS hospital trust has teamed up with Google to share patient data using Deep Mind computing power. read more


Can Snowden Testify in Berlin?

Political Manoeuvers: Opposition parties seek  legal protection for Edward Snowden to address German Parliamentarians. read more


US Election Recounts In 'Hacked' States?

Hacking The Vote: Calls for a ballot recount in three critical swing states renew concerns over possible US electoral interference. read more


US Cybersecurity Strategy In The Trump Era

The Trump Administration has an opportunity to update US national security policies.  What might they do differently for cybersecurity? read more


Malware Makes ATMs 'spit cash'

Malicious software used by the gang known as Buhtrap has been milking Russian bank cash machines for $millions  and is coming this way soon. read more


Jihadi Cybercrime

Islamic State inspired websites & social media outlets don't just promote Jihad. They also teach cybercrime techniques. read more


Facebook's Secret Censorship Deal With China

Facebook has developed censorship software in an effort to get China to lift its seven-year ban on the world's largest social network. read more


Five Things AI Can Do Better Than Humans

Apart from boardgames, what else is Artificial Intelligence good for? Here are five tasks for AI in which it can equal, or surpass, humans. read more


UK National Cyber Security College Locates To Bletchley Park

The home of the Enigma code-breakers Bletchley Park is set to become the home of the UK's first ever National College of Cyber Security. read more


From A Distance: Robot Remote Control

AI software and robotics-based hardware designed to achieve an exoskeleton that can mimic human movements. read more

Information Analysis Is The New Revolution (£)

Every industry has to deal with AI powered Information Analysis which is a significant aspect of the new technology revolution. read more

Why Big Data Failed To Predict President-Elect Trump

All the dazzling technology, the big data and the sophisticated modeling failed to predict human behaviour. read more

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