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Newsletter December #3 2016

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Next 3 Years The Most Critical Of All For Technology

About 40% of CEOs think they will be running a completely different entity in the next three years, with technology playing a key role in the change. read more


Snowden Worried That He'll Face Prison Or Execution If Russia Sends Him Home

From safety in Moscow, Snowden says he has no regrets about blowing the whistle on the NSA, but admits he's worried about being handed over to the US. read more


Rise Of The Machines

The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) says the Mirai Botnet attack on Dyn was just a rehearsal for an even bigger event. read more


Russia Has Foiled Cyberattacks By A Foreign Spy Agency

A "large-scale" cyberattack by foreign intelligence services meant to destabilise the country's financial system has been thwarted. read more


IBM Watson Fights Real-Time Cyber Crime

The Watson supercomputer is embarking on its biggest challenge yet: Preventing cybercrime in finance, healthcare and other key sectors. read more


An Entire Anti-Drone Industry Is Emerging

New tools will enable drone detection, tracking, identification, disabling, even hacking and hijacking the drones as they fly. read more


Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter & YouTube Collaborate To Resist Terrorism

Social media heavyweights have announced they will cooperate on a plan to help limit the spread of terrorist content online. read more


Mastercard Hypes Artificial Intelligence

The credit card giant has deployed 'Decision Intelligence' to scrutinise real time transactions. That sounds impressive - but is it really? read more


Behavior Analytics Tools For Cyber-Security

Behavior Analytics is the hot new proposition in enterprise cybersecurity, used to detect abnormal patterns in network data. read more


Five Biggest Data Breaches In History (That We Know About)

Reported Data Loss is up 30% in the first 6 months of 2016 and Identity Theft is now the favourite tactic for hackers and cyber criminals. Here are 5 big ones. read more


AI Ushers In A Whole New Era Of Hacking

Hackers won't necessarily always be human. AI promises to revolutionise cybersecurity and could one day become the go-to hacking tool. read more


China's Great Wall Into Russian Cybersecurity

The Russian and Chines governments have agreed to join forces to bring the internet and its users under greater state control. read more


Critical Cybersecurity Protocols To Implement

Employees in the office or out and about are commonly using mobile devices, yours and theirs. Your network is vulnerable wherever they are. read more

Japan Aims For No.1 Supercomputer In 2017

Japanese, Chinese and French scientists are competing hard for the title of running the biggest, fastest and most efficient supercomputer. read more

How Much Do IT Graduate & Intern Jobs Currently Pay?

In the Technology industry it's hard for job seekers to know what they're worth. It's even harder when they're new to the rat race. read more

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