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Newsletter December #4 2016

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Putin Personally Interfered With The US Election

US intelligence believes that Vladimir Putin was personally involved in election hacking in a vendetta against Hillary Clinton. read more


MI6 Spies Infiltrate Islamic State HQ

British spies are risking their lives daily in Islamic State heartlands to "take the fight to the enemy," say MI6 chief Alex Younger. read more


Insurers Are Handling 'Hundreds' Of Breach Claims

Business Is Booming: Leading London insurance firm says claims for data breaches are being made at a rate of more than one a day. read more


What Happened To The Blockchain Revolution?

The Financial Services industry is struggling to incorporate Blockchain technology as a standard for post-trade processing. read more


Yahoo Hack Affects 1 Billion Accounts

Yahoo says data from more than one billion accounts may have been hacked. No, not the last big one. There was another one before that.... read more


No Password Is Too Complex For Hackers

Another huge data breach and another reason that the current password security system for business applications and websites is flawed. read more


NSA Eavesdrops On In-flight Mobile Calls

Thieving Magpie: The NSA and GCHQ have a joint surveillance program dedicated to intercepting targets in-flight by tracking their mobiles. read more


Destructive Cyber Attack On Saudi Kingdom

'State sponsored hackers' have been disrupting air travel and other critical infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. Who is to blame? read more


Online Con Tricks Senior Executives Out of Millions

'Whaling', a form of spear phishing, sees high-net-worth individuals tricked into authorising online payments to cyber scammers posing as employees. read more


Amazon Makes First Successful UK Drone Delivery

Autonomous aerial delivery could be a viable business sooner than thought. For customers with huge gardens, living close to the depot. read more


Six Cyber Predictions For 2017

McAfee Labs 2017 Threats Predictions report gives government IT managers a heads up on what to expect next year. read more


Healthcare Data Breaches In 2017 Will Get Worse

Personal medical data is among the most valuable kinds of information to hackers and healthcare managers pay handsomely to get it back. read more


Tackling Cybercrime: Time For Gulf Arab Nations To Cooperate

Gulf countries need to share information, intelligence & the lessons learned in order to find the best ways to curb cybercrime. Opinion by Joyce Hakmeh read more

Obama Orders 'Deep Dive' Into Election Hacking

The White House has requested the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to make a full review of interference in the US elections. read more

Making Sense Of Cyber Insurance

The Dark Web. A sequence of huge Data Breaches. Ransomware. Virtual Currency. How do insurers & their customers make sense of Cybersecurity? read more

Cyber Insurance Report 2016 (£)

The growing tide of cyber-attacks has begun to spawn a new awareness of the current cyber risks to business. Companies need to take a new approach. read more

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