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Newsletter February #1 2016

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Revolution uses hardware, robotics, and massive computing power to expand information technology beyond software. read more  Look out - the EU Commission  is developing a strategy & action plan to support the digitalisation of European industry. read more


The Technology Revolution Will Change Or Even Erase Your Job

The 4th Industrial Revolution is under way and while it could lead to the loss of more than 7 million jobs, it's good news for some professional specialisations. read more


Europe's Digital Watchdog Zeros In On US Tech

Safe Harbour: France's top privacy regulator will police how digital data is transferred outside of the European Union, putting pressure on US companies' profits. read more  Another one of the reasons why Facebook's new Data Center is coming to Ireland read more


Business Is Struggling To Combat Hacking

CISCO's 2016 Annual Security Report  sheds light on the issues businesses are currently facing when it comes to cyber security. read more  The head of the largest of Lloyd's of London insurers says the potential liabilities from risks of cyber attack are too large to cover. read more


Top 10 Most Notorious Hacking Groups

Hacking has grown massively in the past few years and has now become professional. Who are the 10 most notorious hacking groups? read more


Hackers Steal $50 Million From A Leading European Aviation Company

The aviation industry is a privileged target for hackers who are interested in the intellectual property of many companies in the sector. read more  Sophisticated hackers looking to lift the treasure trove of information found in health records are now the leading cause of data loss. read more


90% of Data Breaches Are Avoidable

Nine of every ten data breaches in 2015 could have been "easily prevented," according to a study by The Online Trust Association. read more


The Dismal Sate Of Payment Data Security

A  global study shows a critical need for organisations to fix their payment data security practices before new payments methods grow much more. read more


Cyber and Reality Domains Converge As The US Targets ISIS Hackers

The threat posed by ISIS is bringing new meaning to convergence as the US military starts using air strikes against hacking groups. read more


Experts Say Australia Is Ill-equipped For Cyberwar

China is rapidly expanding its capability for cyber-enabled war, as are other nations. Australia seems poorly equipped to face that challenge. read more  Indonesia's cooperation with China suggests that weaker nations cannot provide national cyber security on their own. read more


Was The Egyptian Uprising - a 'social media revolution'?

The 'Arab Spring'  pro-democracy uprisings and their outcomes varied wildly, yet they had one defining characteristic in common: social media. read more


Israel's Electrical Grid Cyber Attacked

The incident occurred during two consecutive days of record-breaking winter electricity consumption. read more

Criminals Impersonating Income Tax Collection Agencies

Cybercriminals are targeting India, US and other countries with fraudulent "tax deduction" emails to steal information, say Symantec. read more

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