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Newsletter February #2 2016

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CIA Mission To Kidnap Edward Snowden

A CIA aircraft and paramilitary team are standing by to kidnap Edward Snowden and  return him to the US the moment he sets foot in Europe. read more


Intelligence Agencies Targeting Surveillance Programs

IoT devices and cloud-based services represent the next frontier for digital surveillance, claims a new report from Harvard's Berkman Center. read more


The EU Protects Online  Data Quite Differently From The US

What control do you have over how companies collect & use your information?  Different approaches in the US and EU have practical consequences. read more


Protecting The Crown Jewels Of Corporate Data

Knowing that an organization will suffer a breach  sooner or later, IT security professionals must  first protect the company's most important data. read more


TalkTalk's Cybersecurity Lesson

TalkTalk has been hacked three times in the past year. Companies must invest wisely to properly  protect their customers & their reputations. read more  It's more than just the PR department's "problem." IT executives need to be involved in managing  the fallout and crafting responses. read more


China's Dangerous View of Cyber Deterrence

The Chinese military thinks cyber deterrence lacks credibility because cyber weapons have yet to be used in real warfare. read more  The US Center for Cyber and Homeland Security has a project about active defense by the private sector against cyber threats. read more


Security & Privacy Are Critical To Connected Cars

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving to transform the car from a simple mode of transport to a personalized information hub. read more  Big car-makers are soon to introduce self-driving technology, threatening to open a whole new range of security problems. read more


Knowing Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing is the tech industry's latest 'it' thing. Not just within the Big Data world, but far beyond that realm. read more


What Is Human In The Age of Technology?

The evolutionary pressures surrounding machines are every bit as intense as in nature and with few of nature's constraints. read more


Who Needs A Computer Science Degree Anyway?

While they can't necessarily replace a college degree, MOOCs are playing a key role in addressing the software development skills gap. read more


New UK Cybersecurity Accelerator Program

A new UK program created by CSIT Belfast and Cyber London aims to support cyber security startups & will help develop innovative technical solutions. read more


Social Media Helped Create The Arab Spring, But Could Not Save It

Empowered by access to social media sites massive protests toppled Arab leaders, but it was as not a news  path to democracy, merely a tool. read more 

HSBC Bank In The Line Of Cyber FireHSBC says its UK online banking operation is being affected for the second time this year by a cyber attack that started in January. read more

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