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Newsletter February #4 2016

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Nitro Zeus: The US Plan To Launch A Massive Cyber Attack On Iran

An elaborate plan for a cyberattack on Iran in case the diplomatic effort to limit its nuclear program failed and led to a military conflict. read more


NSA's AI  Technology May Have Targeted Innocents

The NSA has been using a machine-learning program to identify & target terrorists with deadly force, but its methodology may have been wrong. read more


Strategic Intelligence For The 21st Century.

Terrorism today is a widening series of global alliances assisted by social media and electronic propaganda. Opinion by Alfred Rolington. read more


Data Security – The Trends We Do Not See Coming

With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Cloud the security industry is going through a period of challenge and re-invention. read more


The Big Three:  N. Korea, ISIS and Cyberwar

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper talks to the U.S. Senate and identifies the three major threats to US security in 2016. read more


Why Aren't Cyber Criminals Being Brought to Justice?

Cyber criminals are making off with $400 to $500 billion each  year; why exactly are attackers getting away with it? read more


The FBI's War On Encryption Is Unnecessary

The data trails we voluntarily leave allow IOT devices and social media networks to track us in ways the government can easily access. read more


Cyber Risk Insurance Is A Patchwork

Use of cyber-specific wording and product references may well be effective ways of filling the gaps in cover which exist in conventional lines of insurance. read more


Know Your Enemy: The Most Popular Hacking Methods

The Easy Way: Outsiders want to become insiders with the least possible effort and insiders help them do so - mostly accidentally. read more


AI Could Leave Half Of The World Unemployed

AI's economic threat should not be understated. Machines could put half the world's population out of a job in the next 30 years. read more


Israel Is 15 Years Ahead in Cyber Warfare

Confronting the range of rapidly evolving cyber warfare challenges has transformed the Israeli military. read more  Cybertech 2016 in Tel Aviv showcased Israel's cybertech startups trying to make it big in the country's saturated tech startup ecosystem. read more


Women Write Better Computer Code Than Men

Computer code written by women has a higher approval rating than that written by men - but only if their gender is not identifiable. read more

The Sony Hackers Are Alive And Still Hacking

N. Korea? Vengeful ex- employees? Cyber criminals? One thing we know - they can't spell. read more

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