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Newsletter January #1 2016

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Could ISIS Create A Cyberwar?

Critical industries need to significantly ramp up their cyber security or risk having Islamic State hackers attack. read more  ISIS is actively seeking the ability to launch cyberattacks against US government and civilian targets. read more  A secret terrorist  forum reflects ISIS hackers' growing desire to wage war online. read more


Cyberwar: Why Islamic State, Russia & China Hold The Advantage

Can democracies compete 'where powers can be fighting each other with one hand and shaking hands with the other?' read more


Freak Out As Juniper Discover Backdoor Covertly Inserted By GCHQ

Juniper Networks has uncovered unauthorized code in its firewall operating system, allowing  attackers to get in and decrypt VPN traffic. read more  GCHQ acquired the capability to covertly exploit security vulnerabilities in Junper's firewalls with the NSA's cooperation. read more


Industrial Control Systems & Banks Are Vulnerable

According to ICS-CERT some advanced networks are vulnerable to remote attackers looking to intercept communications to & from devices. read more  US Banks are toughening cybersecurity with new national requirements for multi-factor authorisation, audits, pen-tests and exacting third-party vendor scrutiny. read more


China Passes Controversial Counter-terrorism Law

New Chinese anti-terrorist legislation requires technology firms to help decrypt information and permits the military to pursue terrorists overseas. read more


Turkish Hackers Threaten Russia

Meanwhile, Anonymous Threatens TurkeyTurkish hackers said they're preparing cyber-attacks on Russian government websites. read more  Now Anonymous has declared cyberwar on Turkey, accusing it of supporting Islamic State. read more


BBC Websites Offline After Massive DDOS Attack

Mysterious 'New World' hacking group  brought down the BBC's websites for several hours in a large-scale DDOS attack. read more


Apple Opens Fire In Encryption Battle

On one side, Silicon Valley, arguing that weakening encryption puts privacy at risk. On the other, security services, police and governments. read more


Criminals Identify Deceased IDs As Easy Targets

A survey of ex-offenders finds strong evidence that criminals are turning towards data-driven crimes over other options. read more


The Secure Perimeter Cybersecurity Model Is Broken

The system is broken. It isn't keeping us, companies, or governments safe. Worse yet, no one seems to know how to fix it. read more


Turn the Tide on Cyber Security in 2016

2015 Was yet another bad year for the world in terms of cyber security. Will things get better or worse in 2016?  read more

Understanding the Threat Intelligence Lifecycle

The Two Step Program: What is Threat Intelligence and why does in matter? read more

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