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Newsletter January #3 2016

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EU General Data Protection: A Milestone Of The Digital Age

The recently agreed-upon EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) might be the most important piece of legislation in the history of the EU. read more


Russian Hackers Warn EU Trains Are Vulnerable to Hijack

Russian hackers have exposed gaping holes in computer systems that control train networks across Europe. read more


Drone Market Worth $14.9 Billion By 2020

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) market is estimated to reach $14.9 Billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 8.12% from 2015. read more  Also, British police are planning to use sophisticated UAV detection & jamming technology to detect terrorist threats. read more


Hefty Fine Over False Encryption Claims

Dental software company pays a penalty for misleading   customers on the level of encryption it provided to protect sensitive patient data. read more


US Critical Infrastructure Is Vulnerable To Electromagnetic War

An EMP attack could fry all non-shielded electronics, crippling infrastructure and paralysing both vital & non-vital services. read more


Can the Warfare Concept Of Manoeuver Be Usefully Applied In Cyber Operations?

Although the cyber domain has unique characteristics, the timeless principles of manoeuver warfare still  apply. Opinion by David Gioe read more The Pentagon keeps its rapidly expanding cyber arsenal almost entirely secret. Is there a way to publicly discuss the future of cyber operations? read more


Commercial Opportunities To Be Found In Security Problems

It's not only a vital defensive measure. KPMG say there's money to be made from securing company data. read more  Companies can use security initiatives to improve their customers' experience and drive greater sales. read more


Mandatory Requirement On Business To Disclose Cyber Attacks

Companies that do not "come clean" about being the victims of cyber crime should face prosecution, says British MP. read more


Five Things That Happened To Data In 2015

2015 was a fascinating and challenging year for all those involved with data. Here are the 5 most significant events. Opinion by David Reed  read more


ISIS Has a New Secure Messaging App

An encrypted Android app for exchanging secure messages, joining another app that distributes propaganda and recruiting material. read more


Amazon's Data Centers Are Located in US Spy Country

There's a reason Amazon Web Services are located close to US intelligence infrastructure. read more


Anonymous Want Revenge For Saudi Executions

Hackers have targeted Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Defence website with a sustained DDoS attack. read more


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