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Newsletter July #2 2016

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Chilcot: False Intelligence Led To Iraq Invasion Which Spawned IS

MI6 was misled to believe Saddam Hussein was  producing WMD by a false agent who based his reports on a Hollywood action movie. read more


Brexit Fallout Continues – ePrivacy

The UK is losing influence over the EU review of online privacy laws, just as the long-running dispute over transatlantic data transfers appears to be settled. read more


Cybersecurity Insurance – What Is It? How Does It Work?

Cyber insurance has been around for almost a decade, but is only now becoming a popular safeguard against hackers. read more


Hacking Pros Don't Trust The Internet

The real danger to the security of sensitive data is from seemingly benign faces inside the same companies that are trying to keep hackers out. read more


Four Threats To Aviation Security – And Four Responses

From terrorist attacks to geopolitical posturing,  aviation is reaching the frontline of global security & cyber risks. Opinion by Anja Kaspersen read more


China's South Sea Cyber War

Beijing's cyber war capabilities could change the strategic balance in Asia, eclipsing the potential danger of rising tensions in the South China Sea. read more


Air Gapping Critical Process Control Networks

Oil giant Chevron has chosen to air gap critical systems to disconnect them from the Internet. read more


NATO & Pentagon Want Blockchain

Blockchain technology has many applications. Finance firms want it to cut admin costs & trade faster. Now it's the military's turn. read more


EU Signs Cyber-Security Agreement With Industry

The EU Commission has launched a public-private partnership on cybersecurity expected to trigger €1.8 Billion of investment by 2020. read more


BMW, Intel & Mobileye Developing Self-Driving Cars

Car manufacturer joins forces with US computer chip giant and Israeli technology firm to bring fully automated driving into production by 2021. read more


Global 'Terror Database' Leaked

The "terrorist database" World-Check used by global banks and intelligence agencies has been  leaked. read more


Companies Should Tackle Cybercrime & 'take the fight to the criminals

'Today's cybercriminal often works for complex operations akin to businesses, with HR resources and R&D budgets. read more

Hillary Clinton's Email Problems Just Get Worse

The FBI has recommended that no charges be brought following its investigation of the former secretary of state's private email server. What next? read more

Insider Trading: Ukrainian Hacker Pleads Guilty

A Ukrainian man has pleaded guilty to his role in an insider trading scheme that netted more than $30 million (£20.8 million) in illicit profits. read more

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