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Newsletter June #1 2016

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Open Access To The Snowden Archive

Emulating the Panama Papers Archive, The Intercept Magazine are opening up access to the secret documents Edward Snowden 'took' from the NSA. read more


Google Implements Neural Network Computing For Machine Learning

Google's syntaxNet is an open-source neural network framework that provides a foundation for Natural Language Understanding systems. read more


Not Just A Question Of Money: Cybersecurity And The CFO

Understanding cybersecurity trends & threats and translating  that knowledge to board members should become one of the CFO's key roles. read more


Over One Hundred Million LinkedIn Passwords Posted Online

A data set with 117 million LinkedIn members' emails & passwords has just been dumped on a criminal website. read more


March Of The Machines

The world stands on the brink of a 4th industrial revolution, not just about manufacturing or automation but transforming services & professions. read more


Both US Presidential Campaigns Hacked

Hackers working for foreign governments are targeting both the main party candidates in this year's presidential election. read more


Growing Skepticism Over Drone Attacks

The UK is increasing the number of armed drones in service and new data suggests this is contributing to more innocent casualties. read more


How ISIS Uses The Internet

Malware, messaging and more: The world's major intelligence agencies are trying to figure out just how ISIS uses the internet. read more


Iraq Shuts Internet During School Hours

Drastic Measures: Iraq has been turning off the internet across the country to stop children cheating in exams. read more


Pentagon Testing Small Robots To Hunt Naval Mines

The US military has been looking for an underwater bomb disposal robot for years. It finally has one. read more


Open Source Data Reveals Police Blunders

A blogger in New York has used public data to prove that the NYPD ticketed thousands of cars that were actually parked legally. read more


Cognitive Computing is Advancing (£)

Cognitive computing will affect all businesses in different ways even if most people are unaware of its potential. read more  subscribe

Companies Should Share Cyber Attack Information

Disclosure of data breaches strengthens cybersecurity for everyone. read more

US Must Prepare For Cyber Warfare In Space

The developing phase for warfare is in cyberspace, but the next stage could well grow in another, more familiar frontier, space. read more

Edward Snowden Joins French Popstar To Make Music

To see music and politics mix isn't much of a rare occurrence. Taking a theme about cybersecurity is. read more

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