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Newsletter June #2 2016

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First Shots Of A New Cyber War

Iranian and Saudi Arabian hacking groups have started throwing virtual punches, raising the question of whether the two countries are heading towards an outright cyber-war. read more


SWIFT Bank Hackers Linked to 'North Korean' Lazarus Group

Symantec can link the malware used by the Sony  hackers to attacks on the SWIFT interbank platform. read more


12% Of Bank CEOs Don't Even Know If They've Been Hacked

KPMG say there is a clear disconnect between how Chief Executives view cyber security, versus the next tier of management. read more


Open Source Intelligence Can Predict Terrorist Attacks

Predata specialize in finding links between online interactions and upcoming physical events using metadata from YouTube and Wikipedia read more


Data Analytics Governance Gets More Important

Companies are wading in and testing the potential of data analytics, but it's  important that they understand the limitations of those analytics. read more


Achieving Holistic Cybersecurity

CIOs and CISOs need timely cyber security insights to take proactive action, because today's security challenges are greater than ever. read more


The CIA Is Driving Cyber Intelligence In Australia

Cyber intelligence is much more than IT security and  Australia is looking for outside help to update its intelligence practices. read more


Ethical Hackers: We Want You For A New Recruit

In The Navy: USN plans to turn some of its sailors into ethical hackers to better defend it its computer networks. read more


Seven Cyber-Security Myths Debunked

Security myths cause organisations to incorrectly assess threats, misallocate resources and set inappropriate goals. read more


Unlikely Partners Build High Speed Trans-Atlantic Cable

MAREA: Microsoft and Facebook have recently announced that they are teaming up to build a subsea cable. read more


Cyber Security On the High Seas

Cyber technologies have emerged as essential to the operation of maritime cargo vessels. read more


RoboCop Is Real

At the Stanford shopping center in Palo Alto, California, there is a new sheriff in town – and it's an egg-shaped robot. read more


Modern Fiction: A Novel  Is Required Reading At The Pentagon

Ghost Fleet, a novel about a future world war pitting China and Russia against a complacent United States, is required reading for the US Military. read more

Cybercrime Economy: The Business Of Hacking

The profile of typical cyber attackers – and the interconnected nature of their underground economy – have evolved in the last several years. read more

Cyber Revolution: A Step Change Businesses Need To Understand (£)

A revolution is taking place that many senior directors and strategic policy makers do not fully understood. read more  subscribe

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