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Newsletter June #3 2016

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SWIFT Tightens Security As A Fourth Bank Is Attacked

The international bank money transfer system is suffering multiple attacks from a mystery assailant using the same type of code as used to hack Sony. read more


Internet Power: Self Radicalisation & The Orlando Massacre

The Orlando gunman appears to have been motivated to kill by remote propaganda via the Internet and social media. read more


First LinkedIn, Now Twitter ... Hacked User IDs For Sale

Hackers may have used malware to collect more than 32 million Twitter login credentials that are now being sold on the dark web. read more


Less Than A Quarter of Businesses Are Ready To Resist A Cyberattack

On average, only 23% of organizations are capable of responding effectively to a cyber-incident. read more


Navigating The Cyber-Threat Landscape

With every day that passes it seems cybersecurity becomes a bigger and bigger issue for businesses and citizens. Opinion By Vilius Benetis read more


Human Error Fuels Most Breaches

Many breaches are caused by methods of working that are  known as data breach pitfalls read more


MI5's Uncontrolled Bulk Data Collection

MI5 has escaped regular scrutiny of its bulk collection of communications data, according to newly released confidential correspondence. read more


The FBI Is Looking For A Fight Over Encryption

After the public dispute with Apple over iPhone access the FBI is now bracing for a battle involving encrypted text messages, e-mails & other data. read more


Spying With Nano Robots Disguised As Insects

Spy technology is emulatimg nature to develop successful controlled flight of a biologically inspired, insect-scale robot. read more


Can You See It? AI Will Become Invisible

In the near future, artificial intelligence will commonly become intangible, indistinguishable and incomprehensible for humans. read more


How To Define Cyberwar

Espionage. Disabled critical infrastructure. Hacking. What is it that is keeping US Intelligence and Military chiefs awake at night? read more


Cyber Insurance Report 2016 (£)

The recent growing tide of cyber-attacks has begun to spawn a new awareness of the current cyber risks to business. Companies need to take a new approach. read more  subscribe

Harvard Business School Wants to Know How To Win At Cybersecurity

HBS graduates who now run cybersecurity companies discuss the lessons they have learned and identify some solutions. read more

Connected: The Mobile Police Station

Police in Spain are testing a vehicle equipped with technology that converts a patrol car into a real mobile police station. read more

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