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Newsletter June #4 2016

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Managing The Rise Of The Killer Robots

Humanity stands at an inflection point as innovations in Artificial Intelligence outpace evolution in governance mechanisms.  Opinion By Anja Kaspersen read more


Russian Hi-Tech Spy Devices

New Russian technologies, including phone call interception and a facial recognition app, have stirred a fierce debate about privacy & data monitoring. read more


Pentagon 'Misleads' Over Location of UK Intelligence Centre

The Pentagon used "inaccurate or misleading" information to justify its choice of RAF Croughton for an ultra-secure intelligence analysis centre. read more


Twitter Blocks Data Access By  US Spy Agencies

Twitter has banned US intelligence agencies from using it's Dataminr alert service. read more


Cyber Insurance Is Changing How We Look At Risk

Sony Pictures thought that their General Liabilities  insurance covered them against a damaging cyberattack. They learned a valuable lesson. read more


FTSE Company Boards Struggle with Cybersecurity Management

KPMG find that half of boards only hear about cybersecurity risk occasionally - either bi-annually or when something has gone wrong. read more


The Death of the Password Is Upon Us

The traditional password is losing its foothold as the standard in authentication. read more


US Nuclear Weapons Controlled by 8in Floppy Disks

The US military's nuclear arsenal is controlled by computers built in the 1970s that still use 8in floppy disks. read more


Son Of Stuxnet: Irongate Malware

Newly discovered malware targeting industrial control systems has the researchers at FireEye who discovered it intrigued. read more


The Use Of Intelligent Deception in Cyber Security

Hackers only need to be successful once, while organizations protecting sensitive information need to successfully thwart threats every day. read more


Your Next Security Analyst Will Probably Be A Computer

Human security analysts are the bottleneck in security operations. read more


Has The Cyber 'Pearl Harbor' Already Happened?

The impact of the attack on the US Office of Personnel Management reverberates and the full effects may not yet be apparent. read more

New Zealand's Defence Is Playing Catch Up

Not before time: The New Zealand Defence Force will start to be equipped with a cyber warfare capability. read more

Cyber Insurance Report 2016 (£)

The recent growing tide of cyber-attacks has begun to spawn a new awareness of the current level of cyber risk for business. Companies need to take a whole new approach. read more  subscribe

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