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Newsletter June #5 2016

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'Brexit' Puts Data Sharing In Jeopardy

A combination of a vote to leave and passing the so-called 'snoopers' charter' could see a ban on the transfer of data between the UK and EU, with a severe economic impact. Opinion By Emily Taylor (written before 23rd June EU Referendum) read more


Snowden Calls For Special Protection For Whistleblowers

Should there be special protection for government employees who break secrecy laws? Safe in Moscow, Edward Snowden thinks so. read more


The Future Of Policing In The Digital Age

We live in a time where the global sharing of threat intelligence is not only possible; it's vital.   
Opinion By Alfred Rolington  read more


False Flags: The Kremlin's Hidden Hand

The notorious hacking gang calling itself the Cyber Caliphate might not be what it claims to be. read more


Preliminary Agreement On Airline Cybersecurity

An industry panel will propose a broad package of cyber protection measures, including cockpit alarms in the event an aircraft is hacked. read more


Attacks On Industrial Control System At An All-Time High

Consulting firm Booz Allen say the number of incidents reported to US authorities rose by 17% last year. read more


Beware: Top Cyber Scams To This Summer

The summer months hold a treasure trove for cybercriminals wanting to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. read more


UK's Cybersecurity Policy For Business

Despite some policy confusion, the British government has decided to embrace cloud computing as a way of combating cyber attacks. read more


UK Cybercrime Now Costs £1 Billion And Attacks Are Up 22%

British businesses have been rocked by a 22% increase in cyber-crime in the past year, losing over £1bn in the process. read more


Insurers Want A Comprehensive Cyber Attack Database

The head of the Association of British Insurers wants to create a database where companies would have to record details of cyber attacks. read more


New US Biometric Passport Regulations Will Prevent Entry To Millions

The US government has quietly introduced requirements for all travelers to hold electronic biometric passports  to enter the country. read more


British Companies Buy Bitcoins As Ransom MoneyA cybersecurity survey finds that one third of UK companies are buying Bitcoin in anticipation of ransomware attacks. read more

Russian Cyber Gangs Linked To Bank RobberiesInvestigators have linked malware used by Russian and eastern European cyber gangs to a string of bank thefts perpetrated using SWIFT. read more

How Company Boards Should Deal With Cyber Threats (£)Businesses must take more time and thought about their online assets and how they are affected by cyber threats. read more  subscribe

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