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Newsletter March #1 2016

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UK Government Goes Ahead With Revised Surveillance Bill

It's Back: The Home Office was made to revise the draft bill after concerns by legislators that it was too vague and did not protect privacy enough. read more


Forget Trident & Welcome To Cyber Warfare

Debates about Britain's nuclear deterrent could be redundant. New technology means a country can be brought to its knees with the click of a mouse. read more


Three Pronged Attack: Chinese Military In Cyberwarfare Buildup

The Chinese military cyber force includes one cadre of dedicated military specialists devoted to network warfare, cyberattacks and defense. read more  Firewall: China is to ban foreign firms from "online publishing" as the country increasingly seeks to control outside influence. read more


Inside The FBI's Encryption Battle With Apple

The FBI searched for a compelling case that would force Apple to weaken iPhone security – and then the San Bernardino shooting happened. read more


One-Third Of IT Staff Are Hackers

About a third of IT staff have hacked an organization, sometimes the one they work for. read more  And they will have more time on their hands now worldwide IT spending is expected to post a major slowdown in 2016. read more


Android Banking Trojan Xbot Is Also Ransomware

New Android malware steals online banking credentials and can hold a device's files hostage, delivering a particularly nasty one-two punch. read more


Cyberattack Paralyzed U.S Hospital

Doctors were locked out of patient records for more than a week by hackers demanding money to release the data. read more  Although in California it is retailers who are the hardest hit by malware. read more


Mobile And IOT Technologies Are Inside The Curve Of Human Time

The leap from human time to computer time has relevance in business today.  Opinion By Kevin Benedict. read more


Big Data & Predictive Analytics Can Identify Cyber Risks

Using predictive indicators to detect  unknown risk is incredibly challenging but, properly used, big data can solve big business problems. read more


Ex CIA Director: Keep America Safe, Embrace Drone Warfare

Targeted killing using drones has become part of the American way of war. Doing it legally is the tricky bit, says Gen. Michael Hayden. read more


Giant Financial Hacking Prosecution Expands

Five Russian citizens plus four companies are being pursued over a computer hacking scam that generated $100 million of illicit profits from insider trading. read more


PWC On The Hunt For 1,000 Data Scientists

PwC recognise the increasing demand for advanced data-driven insights when making business decisions. read more

Tor: Mystery Spike In Hidden Addresses

A security expert has noticed an unprecedented spike in the number of hidden addresses on the Tor network. read more

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