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Newsletter March #3 2016

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Six Things every Board Member Should Know About Cyber Security (£)

Commercial Security and Cyber Security are no longer just IT problems - they are Business Critical (Premium Subscribers). read more


'Brexit' Could Put Data Sharing in Jeopardy

A vote to leave and the passing of the IP Bill could see a ban on the transfer of data between the UK and EU.
Opinion by Emily Taylor  read more


Communications Breakdown:  CISOs & Company Boards

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and the board of directors don't adequately share cybersecurity threat information. read more


Brand Reputation Includes Cyber Safety

Marketing collects tons of Big Data and in the simplest terms, if malicious actors get to your data, your brand can be tarnished. read more


Who Is Winning The Cyber War?

Who is winning - the criminals and hackers or the network and system defenders? The State of Cybersecurity: 2016. read more


Is The Cybersecurity Market Facing A Downturn?

Recently cybersecurity has stood out as one of the strongest segments of the tech sector, but the market may be cooling down in 2016. read more


Russian Scientists Have Solved Light-Based Computers

High-performance microprocessors that harness photons rather than electrons promise to make computers up to a thousand times more efficient. read more


Underwater Drone Technology Could Doom Trident

New technologies, both unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) and advanced sensors, could make the world's oceans "transparent" to submarines. read more


UK Bosses - Heads In The Sand Over Cybercrime

Clear evidence of the the growing threat is still not leading British  businesses leaders to increase their protection levels. read more


Hard Lessons From The Cyberattack On Ukraine

Investigation into cyberattacks that caused rolling blackouts in Ukraine reveal how vulnerable power suppliers are to malware. read more


Apple's Best Defence Against The FBI Is The One It Can't Admit

Some say the debate over privacy embodied in Apple v FBI conceals the problem that iPhone already has backdoors which Apple hasn't yet closed. read more


China's Quantum Satellite Changes Cryptography

China is fast becoming a world leader in quantum communications technology. read more

Does Good Data Security Put Innovation At Risk?

The challenge of protecting users, applications and data against cyber-attack continues to grow and leads many organizations to struggle staying secure. read more

Directors & Senior Management Cyber Report (£)

Business need more electronic security, thoughtful analysis and consideration given to potential commercial risk & opportunities than ever. (Premium Subscribers). read more

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